Remothered Tormented Fathers: Guide and Walkthrough

This is not a guide to collectibles or achievements, but only to the quest Remothered Tormented Fathers , if we can call it that. It contains no spoilers on the plot.

Part 1

After the cutscene you will be able to explore part of the house quite freely. This is a good time to get familiar with the layout, hiding places and rescue points. Collect some defensive objects and diversions. During the game save whenever you can.

Follow the music to the second floor and inspect the projector and message in the library. Enter the bedroom. Once the cutscene is over, stay hidden until Felton has left, inspect the bathtub and grab the key you will find.

Go to the ground floor, use the key to open the double-leaf door on the right of the stairs. We'll call this area the "pendulum corridor." Access the kitchen. There's a plunger on one of the tables. Get it. Leaning on a wall there is a chair, above it two shelves, on the highest one there is the oven handle. Get on the chair and take it. Do not try to grab the handle without getting on the chair so as not to alert Felton. Use the handle and take the film.

Go to the dining room and read the document on the table. A candelabra will fall - a scripted event - that will alert Felton. You have a few seconds to pick up the steel wire before he comes after you.

Go back to the bedroom and unlock the drain with the plunger in the bathroom. Go to the basement and use the candlestick cable on the grate where the key slipped and then use it again on the lift nearby. Go back to the hallway where there is a mirror next to the bedroom and operate the lift. Felton will be alerted and the power will go out. You'll have to reactivate it from the panel on the ground floor near the main entrance. Retrieve the key from under the grille and, in the corridor with the pendulum, open the clock face (watch out for the scripted event), to retrieve the battery of the projector which now has all the parts to work.

Part 2

After the cutscene you will have to be careful to avoid the new enemy that appears right at this point in the game. Go to the fireplace on the second floor, up to the pillow. Go back, you will now have to access the penthouse. Return to the bedroom. You will see another short pillow. Take the umbrella handle on the floor, you can use it to access the staircase to the attic in the central corridor.

Save it, then from the coffee table next to the chair take the batteries. Once in possession of the batteries, open the door that leads to the pendulum corridor, go down to the basement and use the batteries on the escalator. Take the container with oil.

Go up to the second floor and watch the fireplace to find the hidden room, then use the oil on the trolley to move it. Look carefully at the wall then the statue, if necessary turn on the torch and inspect the area to which you now have access. Inspect all the drawers again until you find a small recorder.

When the cutscene is finished, you will have to break all the mirrors. You can use bricks, there is an endless supply near the hole in the wall. Once all the mirrors are broken, inspect the closet. You will see a cutscene, after which you will regain control of Rosemary in the sewers. Fenton will try to kill you with long stakes that he will push from the ceiling, trying to impale you. Proceed with extreme caution so you have as much time as possible to complete the QTEs correctly. It is also helpful to keep the flashlight off.

You will enter the wine cellar. After the cutscene you will find yourself in one of the most difficult fights of the game. Avoid clashes with the enemy as much as possible and close the pipe valves until you find yourself opening the door of a laundry room. Open the door, bar the entrance with the shelf on your left, then turn the corner and move the shelf. Try to open the door, which is closed. You will find the key in front of the entrance to the room. You have to be very quick not to get killed and have to start all over again.

Part 3

You will have to go back to the attic. You can take the elevator. Then you will see a long cutscene, after which you will have to examine documents on the furniture. Leave the room, you will be attacked by Felton - scripted event - and watch the cutscene. After this, interact with the chair, do the QTE and once free grab the lighter on your left. After the cutscene, observe the document on the table, then go back to the elevator to go to the attic. When it locks, use the crank to continue climbing to the top.

A game of cat and mouse to survive will begin. You will be dealing with an enemy who can't see you but hears you move. You will have to proceed at times by shooting and at times with great caution. Follow the path, hide behind the crates to the left of the corridor until the enemy is gone. In front of you there is a blind spot, act on the crank until the moving wall on your left rises, then snap in. This sequence may take a few tries.

Continue to follow the path, pick up any throwing objects you find around. You will find yourself in another seemingly blind alley with a column in the middle. Throw an object to distract the enemy. Move the wheelbarrow (always with caution) then slip into the space between the shelves. When you are blocked again by the enemy, use the same tactic to move it, then slip into the corridor on the right to activate the electrical panel. As soon as the light comes on the enemy will be temporarily defenceless, take the ladder to your right and continue on your way. Do not cross the group of moths, turn right. At the end of the path the long final cutscene will start.

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