RED Redemption 2: How to Complete All the Challenges

If you are already immersed in the vast game world of Red Dead Redemption 2 perhaps on the hunt for the platinum trophy, you should know that the road ahead will not be short at all.

The amount of secondary activities designed by Rockstar Games is huge, and it will take more than 200 hours of gameplay to complete them all.

If getting the gold medals is going to take a lot of effort, completing the challenges will be no small feat.

In RDR 2, in fact, there will be 90 challenges, divided into 9 different categories, each of which, to be completed, will require the performance of 10 different actions.

Just to make it easier to achieve the final achievement of the game, in this guide we will report all the challenges of all categories present, so that you can always keep in mind what you need to do to complete them.

Red Dead Redemption 2 How to solve all the challenges

Let's start this guide straight away by saying that, fortunately, you'll be able to take on the challenges even after you've completed the game's storyline. They, in fact, will always be available, even after the end credits of Red Dead Redemption 2 . It goes without saying that these challenges are indispensable for the 100% completion of the game, but fortunately the difficulty you will encounter will not be excessive.

What you'll face will be a little more challenging than a tutorial, and most of the challenges will be completed without even realizing it. Our advice, however, is to take care of it as soon as possible, in order to reduce the amount of tasks to be carried out for the completion of the video game to 100%. As mentioned at the beginning, the challenges will be divided into nine different categories: Bandit, Explorer, Gambler, Herbalist, Horseman, Hunter, Sharpshooter, Survivalist, Weapons Expert.

Each time you complete a single request of one of the categories now listed, the next one will be automatically unlocked. Below, we will list all the actions you need to take to overcome all the 90 challenges that await you, divided into categories.

Red Dead Redempion 2 - Bandit Challenges

  1. Steal five citizens;
  2. Steal 2 coaches or come back with 2 stolen coaches and hook them to the fence;
  3. Steal cash register receipts from 4 stores in one day;
  4. Steal 3 carriages or return with 3 stolen carriages and hook them to the fence in one day;
  5. You get a $250 bounty in a state;
  6. Steal 5 horses and sell them at Horse Fence in Clemens Cove;
  7. Steal an amount of money and items worth at least $50 from citizens and travelers;
  8. Steal 7 cars and sell them at Emerald Ranch Fence;
  9. Tie someone up and leave them on the railroad tracks 3 times;
  10. Complete 5 train robberies without dying or getting caught;

Red Dead Redempion 2 - Explorer Challenges

  1. Find a treasure map;
  2. Find a treasure;
  3. Find a treasure;
  4. Find a treasure;
  5. Find a treasure;
  6. Find a treasure;
  7. Find a treasure;
  8. Find a treasure;
  9. Find a treasure;
  10. Find a treasure;

Red Dead Redempion 2 - Gambler Challenges

  1. Win 5 hands of poker;
  2. In Blackjack, double and win the hand 5 times;
  3. Win 3 games of Five Finger Fillet;
  4. Run a poker game at any location (Flatneck Station, Saint Denis, Valentine);
  5. Win 3 rounds of dominoes without drawing tiles against 2 opponents or less;
  6. Defeat the Blackjack dealer in two places (Rhodes and Van Horn);
  7. Beat the Five Finger Fillet player anywhere (Strawberry, Valentine, Van Horn);
  8. Win three hands of Blackjack with three moves or more;
  9. Win three games of Dominoes in a row;
  10. Win three poker hands in a row;

Red Dead Redempion 2 - Herbalist Challenges

  1. Catch 6 Millefeuille;
  2. Catch and eat 4 berry spices;
  3. Create 7 items using sage as an ingredient;
  4. Take 5 mushrooms and use them to feed your horse;
  5. Create 9 items using Indian tobacco as an ingredient;
  6. Catch 15 different species of herbs;
  7. Create and use 5 special miracle tonics;
  8. Use oleander to create 6 poisonous weapons;
  9. Catch one specimen of each type of herb;
  10. Cook and season all 11 types of meat;

Red Dead Redempion 2 - Horse Racing Challenges

  1. Kill 5 rabbits while riding your horse;
  2. Jump 3 obstacles in 15 seconds;
  3. Gallop from Valentine to Rhodes in less than five minutes;
  4. While in the saddle, drag a victim 3300 feet using your lasso;
  5. You overwhelm 5 animals while you're riding your horse;
  6. Gallop from Strawberry to Saint Denis in less than 9 minutes without touching the water;
  7. Kill 7 enemies while riding your horse without getting off;
  8. Kill 9 predators while riding your horse;
  9. Gallop from Van Horn to Blackwater in less than 17 minutes without touching the water;
  10. Tame every race of wild horses;

Red Dead Redempion 2 - Hunter Challenges

  1. Skin 3 deer;
  2. Collect 3 perfect quality rabbit skins;
  3. Follow the tracks of 10 different animal species using your binoculars;
  4. You attract an animal and get 5 clean kills;
  5. skin 3 black bears or grizzly bears;
  6. Kill 5 cougars with your bow, then skin them;
  7. Use the bait to lure and kill both a herbivore and a predator;
  8. Catch 3 fish without using a fishing rod;
  9. Catch a possum pretending to be dead;
  10. Find and kill the legendary Panther Jaguar;

Red Dead Redempion 2 - Sharpshooter Challenges

  1. Kill 3 birds in flight;
  2. Kill 2 different species of animals in the same use as the Dead Eye;
  3. Kill 5 birds while they are in flight while on a moving train;
  4. Kill someone 80 feet away with a tomahawk;
  5. Kill 6 animals without changing or reloading your weapon;
  6. Kill someone at least 600 meters away with a long-range rifle;
  7. Take 7 shots to the head in a row;
  8. Disarm 3 enemies without reloading or changing weapons;
  9. Shoot the hats of 3 people in the same use of Dead Eye;
  10. Kill 3 birds in flight with 3 consecutive long range rifle shots;

Red Dead Redempion 2 - Survivalist Challenges

  1. Catch 3 Bluegill fish;
  2. Lead 5 animals into a field or a trap;
  3. Kill 5 animals with a varmint rifle;
  4. Create a stick of dynamite, a fire, an improvement, a poison and a small game dart;
  5. Catch a fish in the Bayou from a river boat and stand on the train tracks;
  6. Kill a scavenger animal that is feeding on a corpse 5 times;
  7. Kill 8 small game animals with consecutive shots, using small game arrows;
  8. Make a homing tomahawk, an improved tomahawk, some volatile dynamite and a bottle of volatile fire;
  9. Catch a fish that weighs at least 19 pounds;
  10. Catch one specimen of each type of fish in the game world;

Red Dead Redempion 2 - Weapons Expert Challenges

  1. Kill 3 enemies with a knife;
  2. Kill 3 enemies in 10 seconds using only throwing knives;
  3. Kill 3 birds of prey using only one tomahawk;
  4. Kill 10 enemies with a shotgun using handmade ammunition;
  5. Kill 5 enemies on horseback using 1 throwing knife per kill;
  6. Kill 4 enemies at the same time with one stick of dynamite;
  7. Kill 4 enemies consecutively, throwing and retrieving the same tomahawk;
  8. Kill 15 enemies using a long-barreled rifle;
  9. Kill 9 unsuspecting enemies from behind, using the bow;
  10. Kill a grizzly bear without damage, using only throwing knives;

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