Red Dead Online | Guide to the Best Weapons

In the world of you Red Dead Online must have the best weapons that the game offers, otherwise you perish before you can open a conversation to the sound of bullets. If you want to confront the competition in Red Dead Online The problem is that you'll have to reach a certain level to handle them and even then you'll still have to buy them.

To help you decide which weapons to spend time and money on, we offer you the Guide to the best weapons of .

Guide | The best weapons of Red Dead Online

The weapons Red Dead Online are the same ones you can find in the single player game, but of course there is a completely different way to unlock them. Let's see what weapons will ensure your victory during a RDO shooter... unless your aim is really terrible.

  1. Semi-automatic pistol: It might seem a weak topic in a discussion in the Wild West, but when paired with Dead Eye this pistol becomes quite powerful. By repeatedly pulling the right trigger on the joypad, the gun will fire bullets very quickly, knocking down enemies in no time.
  2. Springfield Rifle: The Springfield is a very powerful rifle that will kill in one shot even hitting the chest. It is very useful especially if you are not an infallible sniper, in fact there is no need to aim at the head of the unfortunate. It is also very precise and its reticle has a very fast recovery time.
  3. Litchfield repeating rifle: The Litchfield is the best repeating rifle you can get in Red Dead Online . It's perfect for taking down large groups of enemies quickly, thanks to its high rate of fire.
  4. Bow: the bow is very effective in Red Dead Online , especially when combined with Dead Eye. It is also silent, which helps in some game modes.
  5. Repeating shotgun: This is probably the best weapon in the game. It's surprisingly effective at medium range and is unstoppable if you get close.
  6. Revolver Schofield: This revolver is perfect for hitting the head and ending hostilities in seconds, given its stability which allows very precise aiming.
  7. Carcano Rifle: A weapon to quickly kill enemies from a distance. The Carcano is a sniper rifle that has high power, great accuracy and a very wide range. It's no accident that it unlocks at rank 50.

Red Dead Online | Weapons unlocking levels

You have to buy weapons anyway, but you have to reach a certain rank to be able to use them. Below we show you what rank to reach to unlock RDO's best weapons.

  • Rank 9: Revolver Schofield
  • Rank 10: Bow
  • Rank 11: Repeating pump rifle
  • Ranking 18: Litchfield repeating rifle
  • Ranking 22: Semi-automatic gun
  • Rank 38: Springfield Rifle
  • Ranking 50: Carcano Rifle

Prices of the best weapons of Red Dead Online

  • Revolver Schofield | $296
  • Bow | $ 124
  • Repeating pump shotgun | $724
  • Litchfield repeating rifle | $580
  • Semi-automatic gun | $895
  • Springfiled shotgun | $240
  • Rifle Carcano | $760

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