Realm Royale Guide - Which Class to Choose

Realm Royale , the newcomer to the world of battle royale, tries to distinguish his gameplay from the rest of the market with influences and ideas taken equal from the world of RPGs. Among the characteristics derived from the world of role-playing games we find the choice of class, something that must be done during the pre-match and that has the potential to change the outcome of the same.

We'll show you what five classes are available in the game so far, how to play them best and how to get the most out of each one. Each class will be equipped with unique skills, unique legendary weapons and non-replaceable passive skills. Let's see together what they are and how to make the most of every gram of the class we choose.

Realm Royale Guide-Engineer (Engineer)

Passive skill.

Engineer passively gains 5 armor points per second. This passive allows the player to do without the dedicated potions and allows the passage of time to heal his wounds by progressively increasing the current armor, even during the course of battles.

List of skills.

The class of the engineer focuses primarily on the use of the turret.
Throwing Axe is a skill that can damage one opponent at a time quickly; damage is limited but it allows you to slowly smooth out your opponent's waist and armor. It also serves to improve our fortifications or improvised barricades, barricades that we will make using another of our skills.

  • Thrust:
    • A particularly high jump perfect for reaching high areas and placing turrets that are difficult to see at first glance. The main defect of this skill is the slowness of the descent that will leave the player exposed to any hitscan weapon (a type of weapon ballistics).
  • Barricade:
    • It creates a barricade that protects the player and those who are in front of him from blows coming from a specific direction. Perfect skill to use in conjunction with the turret, creating a real diversion.
  • Deploy Turret:
    • The prince skill of the engineer. Great for disrupting fights by removing small amounts of HP without letting people know where the damage is coming from.
  • Fire Bomb:
    • The equivalent of a molotov cocktail inside Realm Royale ; to the initial impact damage must be added that in time given by the flames. Excellent for fighting indoors or in particularly narrow and narrow areas.
  • Healing Totem:
    • Skill that creates an area on the ground where hp is recovered with greater speed. This skill becomes less and less useful as time goes by and should only be kept if you don't have any healing potions with you.

Engineer's Builds

Build Standard: Barricade, Deploy Turret

This strategy is pretty obvious: pull a barricade and place a turret to create a continuous source of damage without too much chance of being damaged. The best way to use this build is to focus your war effort on the forges, and defend your position strenuously. The presence of a well defended turret will force opposing players to take alternative routes that can be covered with bullets from our main weapons.

Build Siege: Barricade, Fire Bomb

The Fire Bomb is a very strong ability, able to do a considerable amount of damage in the second between the impact damage and the damage in time of the flames. The barricade, of course, allows the player to avoid taking damage from opposing bullets. By mixing these two skills you can create bottlenecks to exploit with team bypasses and pincer strategies.

Legendary weapon

Plasma Launcher (Engineer): 800 damage, 1.0 hits per second.

The legendary weapon of the engineer is the Plasma Launcher, a really interesting tool that can do a lot of damage in a few seconds and is also equipped with an interesting splash damage to match the fire bomb. The weapon does 800 direct hit damage and 400 splash damage. The splash damage has a rather limited area of effect but still large enough to hit an enemy behind a wall; to do this just aim at the angle visible to the player and hope that our opponent is in the immediate vicinity of the corner itself.

Plasma Launcher doesn't have a great range of fire and its bullets quickly follow a descending parable. It is a weapon suitable for close-range or mid-range combat at most.

Tips for using the engineer.

Here are some general tips to make the best use of the enginner and his skills.

  • The enginner's movement ability, the Thrust can be used to reach elevated areas of the game map. Assassins and Hunters, for example, are not able to reach such areas. Knowing who you are fighting against is easy to gain important tactical advantages.
  • While using the Thrust you can still shoot; the engineer's skill is one of the few that allows you to fire while you're moving.
  • The turret can act as a diversion; if placed inside closed areas it is able to waste the enemy's time while you move or coordinate to get around it.
  • The Barricade skill shields all bullets within a fight; it can also be used creatively during close combat by parrying those two or three shots that would otherwise lead to death. You can cross the barrier without any problem.
  • If you hit an opponent with a fire bomb the damage in time he will inflict will allow us players to understand his position; the damage inflicted is shown numerically on screen even if there are walls in between.

Realm Royale Guide - Hunter

Passive skill.

The hunter passively has a 10% increase in reload speed and the speed at which they exchange their weapons. Of all the passive ones this is probably the least useful because the playstyle of the class is based on the use of the Longbow and a few precise shots, especially during the last stages of the game.

List of skills.

The hunter is a class dedicated to guerrilla-like combat with rapid movements and lethal attacks.

  • Dodge Roll:
    • Your character rolls in the direction you're looking.
      One of the least efficient movement skills in the title; good simply for quick movement to a position without being able to reposition correctly at altitude.
  • Blast Shot:
    • An explosive bullet capable of doing damage in a small area. This skill is able to do a low average amount of damage in a small area, damaging more enemies if you have good aim.
  • Flare:
    • Your character fires a beacon that can reveal enemies in a game area. It's a great skill to control the presence of opponents in uncharted play areas and avoid getting ambushed.
  • Proximity Mine: A mine that explodes when enemies are near.
    • This skill genres a proximity mine that explodes when enemies approach it. The player can use it to place it inside corridors or in the middle of forced passages to damage their opponent. Not excellent but able to prove useful on several occasions.
  • Withdraw: Leap backwards and enter stealth.
    • The hunter's best skill; it allows our character to leap backwards and become invisible for a limited amount of time. When you are invisible you can still shoot with your weapons.

Hunter's Builds.

Build Standard: Blast Shot and Withdraw.

The Blast Shot is able to do a good amount of damage in a small area while the Withdraw is the perfect ability to escape from really dangerous situations; using the withdraw it's good to remember that it remains possible to shoot while you're invisible, so you can finish off previously weakened enemies.

Legendary Weapon

Longbow: 900 damage, 2.0 hits per second.

The longbow is currently one of the best weapons in the game due to the very high damage output. Loading it to the minimum will do more than 500 damage, while the loaded shot to the maximum is capable of up to 1000 damage.

In this way you can weaken your opponent with light strokes and then finish him off with a nice loaded shot. The weapon is effective in virtually the same way from all distances and is the recommended weapon for any self-respecting hunter.

Tips for using the hunter.

  • Although it is the least useful of the various movement skills, the Dodge Roll is still capable of taking you quickly to a cover.
  • The Blast Shot is capable of hitting multiple enemies together, so it's great for taking someone by surprise when they're tinkering with the forge.
  • The Flare is important, always use it when you have the chance to find out if that corner hides any more enemies than expected.
  • Proximity mines are good for understanding if an enemy has entered from a certain point or door.
  • Always remember that when the situation gets tough Withdraw is your best friend; the ability offers a virtually certain escape from any dangerous or even uncertain situation. Also remember that you can shoot while you are invisible!
  • When you have the Longbow equipped remember that you can load the shot while you are in cover to avoid wasting time and to avoid taking any unwanted bullets.
  • The Longbow when it's loaded lightly becomes practically a short-range weapon, be careful with it.

Realm Royale Guide - Assassin

Passive skills.

The killer's passive ability is 10% faster when walking on the ground. This means that your character runs a little faster than the others, nothing transcendental.

List of skills.

  • Blink:
    • Your character makes a real teleport a few meters in front of you when you press the dedicated button. It can be used in an offensive way by teleporting directly to the side or even behind your opponent.
  • Concussion Bomb:
    • This ability makes your character throw a grenade; this grenade explodes immediately when it touches the ground and pushes what's around it in the opposite direction. This ability can be used either as a movement ability, throwing it under your feet, or it can be used to thwart attacks by opponents by pushing them back or altering their positions. When the grenade explodes in the opponent's vicinity it does some damage.
  • Ghost Walk:
    • Its own loss becomes invisible and its speed of movement is increased. Excellent ability to escape or to look for advantageous positions to get close to your opponent.
  • Sensor Drone:
    • This skill generates a drone capable of detecting the position of opponents in an area for 5 seconds. Since the drone is launched by your character when you launch this skill is great for scouting forges or interesting buildings.
  • Smoke Screen:
    • A smoke bomb capable of generating chaos and allowing an easy escape. When an opponent enters the smoke screen generated by the ability, his visibility is significantly reduced.

Killer's Build

Build Standard: Concussion Bomb, Ghost Walk

The concussion bomb is great at throwing enemies in the air; throwing it predicting the movements of the opponents will be possible to throw them into the ether with predictable trajectories; trajectories that can be exploited by the legendary sniper rifle to inflict huge amounts of damage without our opponent has much to say. The Ghost Walk is our ticket to escape from prison without paying a lien.

Build Full Stealth: Ghost Walk, Smoke Screen

This build is suitable for all players who want to get to the end of the game by firing as few shots as possible. Both skills chosen here are extremely useful to escape undisturbed without taking too much risk.

Legendary weapon

Sniper Rifle: 1 hit, 1,200 damage, 1.0 hit per second.

The assassin's legendary sniper rifle is an excellent weapon. Although it is not hitscan but is equipped with ballistics, the bullet (unlike those that happens in Fortnite) travels quite fast and is able to hit your opponent in a reasonable time.

If you manage to take a headshot with this weapon, normally, thanks to its huge damage you'll bring home a virtually insured kill. Its best value, however, is its remarkable accuracy even when you don't use the scope.

When you find yourself using it during close combat, rather than switching weapons and wasting time, you take out a few sniper shots and show your opponent who's in charge.

With the last patch it is impossible to one-shot an opponent with full-set legendary armor.

Tips for using the assassin.

  • The Blink is an interesting movement ability because, although it doesn't have the range of Warrior or Mage, it can create confusion and can be used to cross enemy lines undisturbed. Fire a shot, blink behind enemies and finish them off at speed is a good way to attack one or two enemies in the chaos of battle.
  • The blink can be done vertically to reach elevated positions; you can also use the blink directly against windows to exit directly from the building.
  • The Concussion Bomb is a weapon of great possibilities and works almost identically to Fortnite's pulse bomb. Learning to use it will save many games from defeat.

Realm Royale Guide - Mage

Passive skills.

The wizard's passive ability increases the effectiveness of potions by 30%; this way it drinks concoctions instantly and slows down enemies for a few seconds. Great for helping yourself with a few kills and perfectly capable of creating real slaughterhouses by playing in pairs or squads.

  • Fireball:
    • This skill allows the player to throw a powerful fireball that does damage and does not stop in front of the first enemy, continuing until it finds a solid obstacle. The legendary version of this ability inflicts up to 900 damage on passing, allowing you to quickly decimate entire enemy files with a single keystroke.
  • Ice Block:
    • This skill turns the player into a block of ice for three seconds; while in ice form you are treated for 400 HP or more depending on the rarity of the skill you have equipped. In ice form you cannot move or jump.
  • Wall:
    • A defensive ability similar to the engineer's Barricade; this ability creates a wall through which bullets and harmful abilities don't pass. Useful for diverting opponents' path and forcing them to bypass.
  • Wizard's Build.

    Build Fire & Flames: Explosive Flask & Fireball

    This build is made to destroy your opponents in the shortest possible time; finishing their last hp by firing a few shots or with a few swords. The combination of offensive skills makes the wizard a real glass cannon, without there being any defensive skills somewhere to save the frittata.

    Build Standard: Fireball, Ice Block

    This build is made for those who want to dictate the pace of their fights; the ice block is used to waste time while their teammates do some damage while the fireball is used to bring down the toughest and most daring opponents. If you're in a duo or a squad, it's definitely the build you prefer.

    Legendary Weapon

    Stone Spear: 300 Damage, 1.2 shots per second.

    Stone Spear looks like a bad weapon in statistics and in practice it is. Although each bullet is capable of doing 300 damage on impact they're not hitscan and have a descending parabola trajectory that makes it really complicated. Among the various legendary weapons this is certainly one of the worst.

    The weapon's very limited range makes it useless for close-quarters combat, and with one of the latest patches the bullet velocity of this weapon has been dramatically increased.
    Once at the forge better hope for legendary skill and throw fireballs at everything go.

    Tips for using the mage.

    • The Soar is perfect for reaching elevated positions; the fact that you have full control of the trajectory during the flight makes the mage's movement ability the best in the game.
    • The soar also allows our character to pass through some windows; which are these windows depends on the type of building and change depending on how the title is patched. Before using it as a final resource, check if the windows in your building are equipped with the correct hitboxes.
    • The wizard's skills are capable of doing a lot of damage, using them as soon as possible is the best way to arrive at winners at the end of the game. The wizard is also one of the few characters whose legendary ability is definitely stronger than the corresponding weapon thanks to the reduced cooldowns.
    • Among the armor of the title epic and legendary elmentti have the ability to decrease even more cooldowns of their skills. Knowing when you're playing as a team and you're at the forge, it's a good idea to forge legendary armour until a helmet that can turn the game around comes out.
    • The Ice Block skill is a perfect timer and is perfect for breaking your opponent's fire rhythm by forcing him to reload prematurely. It's important to get used to the time when you freeze to catch your opponent off guard.
    • While you're on ice, you can activate the Ice Block ability again to cancel the effect and return to mobile. This will allow you to take your opponents by surprise and use this time to your advantage.

    Realm Royale Guide - Warrior

    Passive Skill

    The warrior's passive ability allows him to gain five life points per second. It's a solid skill that can help less attentive players during their first games with a constant amount of extra HP per fight.

    List of skills.

    • Heroic Leap:
      • Great movement ability, able to combine a good flight speed with long distances travelled, whether vertical or horizontal.
    • Charge:
      • Typical D&D barbarian charge. The ability is quite strong and goes in combos with the legendary weapon we'll see later. Perfect for the more aggressive players.
    • Flask of Healing:
      • Our character will throw a healing potion on the ground making HP recover to all those who pass over the greenish area. Good in the early game but deficit during the last moments of the game, where the potions are the master.
    • Net Shot:
      • This ability allows our character to pull a net that can slow down and obstruct a target. Other suboptimal skill, not particularly useful in any phase of the game but still usable.
    • Shielding Potion:
      • This ability is the counterpart to Flask Of Healing in terms of shield and armour. You can use it on both yourself and other allies, prolonging the fighting a bit.

    Build the Warrior.

    Build Standard: Charge, Shielding Potion

    The charge allows the player to quickly approach his opponent and do damage with the weapon of his choice, while the shield potion allows this strategy to be transformed into something just a little more resistant than the classic glass cannon strat. This build is indicated if you choose to use the warrior's legendary weapon as a weapon.

    Defensive Build: Flask of Healing, Shielding Potion

    This build, all focused on the support of your classmates and your position doesn't particularly honor the class name but it works. The skill pair that can extend your life is recommended for duo or squad matches.

    Legendary weapon

    Throwing Axe: 900 Damage, 0.9 hits per second.

    The legendary weapon of the warrior is one of the best choices you can make when you find yourself in front of the forge. Although their range is not of the best the excellent rate of fire mixed with the unique skills of the Warrior class allow this weapon to be completely lethal, also thanks to a hitbox a bit 'lascivious that lets in shots otherwise pulled a bit 'in the air. Three shots and pretty much anything dies; that's it.

    Tips for using the warrior.

    • The heroic Leap movement ability is extremely strong because in addition to having a large radius, both horizontally and vertically it can do damage on landing. By doing so you can maximize the damage inflicted on opponents during a battle, especially if you continue using the Charge skill or if you have the legendary weapons of the class.
    • The Warrior class is designed specifically for close encounters, so it's smart to prepare your battles by jumping directly at your opponent to take him out using as few blows as possible. If things go wrong you can use the heroic leap or charge to run away.
    • To get around bad long-range combat you can take a Rifle or Heiloom Rifle as a weapon to match your legendary weapon.

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