Realm Royale - Guide - How to Use the Forge

A new competitor has just arrived in the crowded video game panorama of Battle Royale: Realm Royale by Hi-rez Studios.

Born from a rib of Paladins, the title recently available on Steam Early Access is a Battle Royale video game with all the chrisms of the genre that is concerned to mix the classic formula that has made famous titles such as fortnite or PUBG to mechanics typical of role-playing games.

These mechanics can be summed up comfortably in all the features of the equipment and in the operation of the forge, one of the almost obligatory steps to follow if you want to arrive safely in the end-game of the title.

These mechanics may not appear immediately understandable to players approaching the title for the first time, so we've put together a guide to explain to them how crafting works and how the forges in the title work.

With this guide we'll explain in detail how new players can use the forge to create legendary weapons, legendary armour, potions and unique abilities.

Realm Royale Guide - What is a forge?

Within the world of Realm Royale there are numerous forges scattered around the map; they are marked by the icon of the yellow hammer and are one of the most important places within the title because they allow the player to pull out the best weapons and skills with which then face the last stages of the game. These weapons and skills are not obtainable in any other way than by using your own shards inside the forge.

Aesthetically they are buildings very similar to all the others; they differ for two peculiarities: the chimney on the roof and the presence of a forge inside the building.
The first one starts blowing smoke once you activate the forge, the second one represents the point where you need to interact to ask for the forge's services.

Realm Royale Guide - How can I use the forge?

Unlike the usual Battle Royale titles in Realm Royale you can choose how to use the equipment and looting that we find inside the boxes. In addition to the ability to equip them on you can press the X button to activate the Disenchant function.

The disenchant allows you to convert any type of equipment or skill into precious Shards, the exchange currency that will then be used to activate the various services of the forge. It is possible to disenchant any type of loot, from weapons, skills, armor, through potions; by disenchanting a weapon the shards will be automatically added to our current number of possessed shards.

Items if disenchanted will give the player a variable amount of shards depending on the rarity of the item itself: the rarer the item is, the more shards the player will get. At final death (if you die while turning into a chicken) each player loses the possessed shards that can be collected by anyone.

Once you have obtained a fair amount of shards you can take them to the nearest forge for use: you can take a maximum of 200 shards at a time.

Realm Royale Guide - What items craft on the forge?

Once you've got your hands on a nice nest egg, it's time to head to the nearest forge armed with hope and goodwill.
Once inside the forge building it will be necessary to place yourself inside the yellow circle in front of the forge in order to use the special menu.

This menu will show the player the legendary items that can be obtained by donating the required shards.

Please note that legendary weapons can only be obtained by donating a chicken drumstick in addition to the shards, an item that can only be obtained by making an elimination (either as a single or if you are part of a team).

Each item, each time selected, will need a predefined amount of time that cannot be decreased. While the item is being processed at the forge, a timer will appear in front of the forge indicating the amount of time remaining for the item to become available to everyone; this indicator will be visible to all players in the vicinity; this makes the forge users vulnerable.

The items you can build in the forge are as follows:

  • Health and armor potions: They cost 30 Shards, are made from the forge in 30 seconds and are perfectly equal to the potions found inside the chests scattered around the game world. They restore 400 health or armor points to the player who uses them.
  • Legendary armor: it costs 60 Shards, it is crafting from the forge in 60 seconds. It's a fragment of legendary armor, the forge randomly generates one of the five possible components.
  • Legendary Skill: It costs 90 Shards and is made from the forge in 60 seconds. There are more legendary skills per character, the forge will randomly choose from the user's pool which skill to give him.
  • Legendary weapon: It costs 120 Shards, 1 Chicken Drumstick and is made from the forge in 60 seconds. Legendary weapons are weapons capable of a huge DPS that can bring enormous advantages during the late-game phases to any player capable of using them correctly. They are the priority items to be made inside the forge.
    [UPDATE] The developers have taken away the ability to craft the legendary weapons inside the forges and made them as lootable as the rest of the title paraphernalia. This is to modify the mid-to-late game of the title and ensure a better experience for Realm Royale players.

Realm Royale Guide - tips for the forge.

Here are some tips that we could pull out by playing a few games of Realm Royale .

  • Recycling is important.
    If you can't use a legendary piece of armor because you already have one of equal quality on you, you can disguise it as well to get back into the investment of the shards.
  • One at a time, for goodness sake
    You can only equip one legendary weapon at a time despite the presence of two weapon slots; you can only forge one piece of legendary armor at a time per forge. Knowing these things, you can minimize waste.
  • Be careful not to be unprepared.
    Between a smoking chimney and clocks in plain view on the screen, it will be difficult to stay on the sidelines for long when using a forge. To prepare yourself as best you can, try to use your movement skills to gain an advantage.

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