Ratchet & Clank: Guide Trophies, Golden Bolt, Ryno Card

They are the most famous heroes of the Playstation galaxy but they will need a hand to unlock all the trophies and our guide is here to help them and help you complete the welcome 100% Ratchet e Clank !


Basic Training
He passes ranger tryouts in Veldin.

A little big robot
Escape from Victor on Quartu.

The rescuer
Save the mayor and the plumber in Novalis.

A day at the races
Save Skidd and his agent on Aridia.

Welcome to the Rangers
Become a ranger on Kerwan.

Win sand sharks for dinner
Win the Bronze Cup of hoverboarding on Rilgar.

Toothless beast
Defeat the Beastly Bestiadentute on Nebula G34.

Retrieve 30 brains for scientist Blarg on Gaspar.

Hit and sunk
Shoot down the Blarg warships on Batalia.

The fall of the Zurkon
Beat Lady Zurkon on Quartu.

A hole in the water!
Destroy the plumbers on Pokitaru.

Very high iron oxide
Defeat Victor on Phoenix.

Win the Bronze Cup of hoverboarding on Kalebo.

Change of deployment
Defeat Captain Qwark on the Planetary.

Destroy five gadgebots in the Quartu crusher.

Sweet sinking
Push a constructobot into the quicksand of Aridia.

Down with the lampposts
Destroy all the streetlights in Aleero City. There are 17 Lamps to take down for this trophy that you can find from the beginning of this world until just before the explosive train. The video shows all the lamps to break:

It's none of my business.
Let the Disinfestabots kill 35 Amoboids on Rilgar.

Airborne sharpshooter
Defeat 40 enemies while using the Jetpack on Gaspar.

Flying sheep
Pecorate a Blarg helicopter commander. ATTENTION! Blarg helicopters don't have respawn so once you destroy them all you will have to start a new game to get this trophy. However, there are also helicopters on the last unlockable planet: KALEBOO III.

Conversion for peace purposes
Destroy ten idle warbots at the Quartu factory.

For fish
Get eaten by a shark in the ocean of Pokitaru.

Character Assassin
Destroy all the model planets in Drek's office.

Tu quoque, Copernicus?
Find Qwark's saloon on the Planetary.

Lazy Lombax
Walk down all of Kalebo's catwalks without moving. There are four conveyor belts that you can walk on while standing still.

Deadly notes
Use the Discotron against all kinds of enemies. There are 48 types of enemies to dance with. In the following video you will find out where to find them all:

Novel collector
Complete your first set of holo-boards.

Complete your first weapons modification to Rareitanium.

Bolt in chains!
Maximize the bolt multiplier in Challenge mode. In this video you can find out how to reach the maximum multiply and how to make millions of bolts without any effort!

Let's make a trade!
Exchange a duplicate set of holo-boards for a new one.


Challenge won
Complete the game in Challenge mode. Challenge mode is unlocked as soon as you finish the game for the first time.

Meticulous explorer
Collect all the golden bolts. The total number of gold bolts to find is 28 and they are scattered all over the various game planets. You will need several gadgets to collect them all, so we recommend that you start a meticulous search only after you finish the game. The golden bolts are used to unlock tricks such as Invincibility and Infinite Ammunition, image galleries and some other fun extras such as masks for Ratchet, graphic filters for the game etc..

Full Arsenal
Get all the weapons in the game.

The warlord
Upgrade all weapons to the highest level.

At most!
Unlock all modifications to each weapon.

Galactic Hipster
Improve Ratchet's health to the highest level.

Wizard of Technology
Get all the gadgets.

Collect all the telepolypic brains.

Run Ratchet, run!
Win the Rilgar and Kalebo Gold Cup.

Complete all the riddles of the Switcher without auto-violation. There are a total of 16 riddles to overcome and thanks to the video below you won't need any auto-violation:

Maximum potential
Upgrade a weapon to the highest level.

Faster than a racing amoeboid
Complete the Hoverboard Gold Cup on Rilgar in less than 1:35. No special requirements, just a lot of practice and knowledge of the track.

The lightning of Kalebo
Complete the Hoverboard Gold Cup on Kalebo in less than 2:05.

The Gladiator of Kerwan
Complete the Kerwan fitness course in less than 70 seconds.


The end of the beginning
Defeat Dr. Nefarious on the Planet Earth.

Complete all holocard sets. For this trophy you'll need to get all the HOLO-CHARDS in the game. All the cards can be obtained from enemies or swapped with the numerous duplicates you will find during the game except the RYNO cards, which will unlock a phenomenal weapon at the end of the collection and that you can only collect in certain places:


First among the heroes
Get all Ratchet & Clank trophies.


Below is a video game guide that shows you how to eliminate all the bosses of Ratchet e Clank !


The one shown in the following video is the best place to upgrade weapons. You will only have to face the area several times and just before you finish dying to repeat it. With a couple of games in the area, you'll be able to level up a weapon.

Ratchet e Clank : Tricks for bolt and holo-boards endless and maximum multiplier!

Thanks to this practical procedure you can increase your number of bolts, cards and get a maximum moliplicator effortlessly!

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