Rainbow Islands NES cheats and codes

Rainbow Islands: The Story of Bubble Bobble 2, generally referred to simply as Rainbow Islands, it's a platform video game developed by Taito in 1987 for various platforms including the NES, Nintendo Entertainment System.

The videogame is the direct sequel by Bubble Bobble and the predecessor of Parasol Stars. Three magnificent titles, one more beautiful than the other. The protagonists of the game are always Bub and Bob, who in Bubble Bobble had acquired human features again. Some people, however, have suffered their fate in the past and have been kidnapped, so the two heroes go on an adventure. Bub and Bob no longer have the power to shoot bubbles and engulf enemies they did when they were drakes, but they can now shoot rainbows and equally eliminate the opponents.
Rainbows are also used to reach the higher platforms of the various screens. It is precisely the rainbows that give the title to the video game, whose soundtrack consists of a speeded up version of the famous song "Over the Rainbow". Rainbow Islands is divided into seven islands, plus three other secret islands, each consisting of 4 levels.

The game is a vertical scroll and to pass each level you need to get to the highest point on the island. You must also do it within a time limit, avoiding or eliminating all the enemies on the screen. When the time limit is over, the word "Hurry" appears and the island begins to sink and the player must prevent the water from submerging Bub or Bob.

At the title screen, press LEFT, B, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, B and A to access level selection.

On the home screen, when “push start” is pulsing, press the following combination of buttons for the sound test: UP, LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN, A, B, A, UP. Then press A or B to select the desired song.

Find all 7 diamonds of different colors in each stage of the game to unlock a secret stage.

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