Rad Racer NES cheats and codes

Rad Racer is a car racing video game produced for Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987 by the famous Square Soft.

Known in Japan as Highway Star, Rad Racer is the classic game in which you have to complete the stage by crossing various checkpoints before the time available to us runs out; you can choose different types of cars but the most notable are undoubtedly the magnificent Ferrari 328 and the car from formula 1. Various obstacles on the path: if you hit a tree or a road sign the car stops completely while hitting another vehicle will “only” slow you down.
You can hit the other cars from the side, sending them off the track, but the same applies to the CPU, which can do the same move towards us. Reaching a checkpoint provides extra time… in short, all the classic elements of this kind of game. If you want to finish it or if you're stuck in some stage, here are some pretty useful tricks. We forgot: one of the good reasons to have Rad Racer in your collection is that his music is curated by Nobuo Uematsu, famous for the Final Fantasy saga.

When you get to a Game Over, press and hold the A button, then press Start. You will have a free Continue.

During the game, press Up while accelerating to reach 255 km / h. (Japan version only).

After choosing your vehicle, press the B button X-1 times (X = Track Number). At this point keep pressed Up and Right and press Start.

After choosing your vehicle, press the B key 64 times, then hold Up and Right on the pad and press Start.

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