Quackshot Sega Mega Drive cheats and codes

Quackshot is a platform video game released for Sega Mega Drive at the end of 1991. The protagonist of the videogame, as you can guess, is Donald Duck or if you prefer Donald Duck, assisted by his grandchildren Qui, Quo and Qua in the guise of treasure hunters.

The story starts from the discovery by Donald Duck of the treasure map of King Garuzia, once ruler of the kingdom of Great Duck. From this discovery, and from Donald Duck's belief that he can become rich, the plot develops, with the duck dressed as a sailor who sets off on a journey full of pitfalls and comic enemies.
Helped by his grandchildren, Donald will have to face a thousand ups and downs in an attempt to recover his coveted treasure. If the game proves too difficult, here are some tricks that will help you a lot.

Follow this order and you will get to the tiger in the maze level: 1, 5, 4, 4, 2, 6.

To earn as many lives as you want, complete the Transylvania level. After placing the flag, call the plane and select Transylvania again. You'll find the extra life hidden under the first pile of barrels. To find the second life, jump into the water and swim to the end of the screen. When you have found these two lives, go back to the entrance and leave the castle. Re-enter the castle and repeat the operation as many times as you want.

When Donald eats a chili, pause the game and press Up, Up, Up, Up, Down. Return to the game and Donald will have sobered up.

Quackshot - Sega Mega Drive


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