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Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords it's a game developed in 2007 by Infinite Interactive for Nintendo DS and other platforms. It is a puzzle game based on the Warlords series.

Il gameplay by Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords is a mixture of puzzle and role-playing, with many fantasy elements to make it intriguing and fun. At the beginning of the game, the player can choose the gender and the class to which his character belongs, assigning him skill points that give him particular characteristics.
As you progress through the game and the plot becomes more intricate, our character will be able to level up and gain new skills, extremely powerful items, spells and equipment. Our hero can also capture steeds and mounts of all sorts, from horses to giant rats, from dragons to manticores.

It can also strengthen its citadel and to do this it requires money that is earned at the end of each battle won or simply by fighting. The combat it is turn-based, not real-time, and the turns themselves can be affected by various spells. The objective of the game, or rather of the single fight, is to line up at least 3 symbols of the same type, which once joined will dissolve giving way to other tiles.

An alternate ending of the game can be obtained by freeing the Wizard that Darkhunter wants to take back to the Red Tower in the early stages of the game. Free the sorcerer and towards the end of the game you will have access to areas that normally could not be explored and addressed.

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