Putty Squad Super Nintendo passwords and tricks

Putty squad it's a video game developed by System 3 in 1994 and published by Maximum Games e Ocean Software. Originally developed for the Amiga 1200 (platform for which it was only released in 2013, as a Christmas gift from System 3), the game was also converted for SNES.

The videogame is the sequel to Putty: it is a platform  in which the player controls a blue colored being, a shapeless blob who must free other characters who are trapped. The player blob can stretch in many ways: sideways to move faster, it can flatten to absorb objects, and it can climb or develop a punch to attack enemies.
Putty, this is the name of our hero, can collect stars to increase your attack power. At first it only strengthens the fist, but then it also develops the ability to throw darts at enemies or give them a powerful shock. Each time Putty is hit by an enemy, these powers are reduced, until they are canceled.

BZTPJ - Area 02 The Bazaar Al Kebab
LYQCB - Area 03 Downtown Klud
TXMJD - Area 04 The Jungles of Squirt
KFTWF - Area 05 Dr. Sushi's Laboratory of Terror
GNHZX - Area 06 Dr. Sushi's Dinner of Fear
SHCLB - Area 07 The House of Fun
VMCRM - Area 08 Major Smith's Escape Tunnel
GKSTX - Area 09 The Gateway to the North
FRLDK - Area 10 The Tower of London
WWFPM - Area 11 Jumble Street
YVLPD - Area 12 Cloud Castle
GXDKP - Area 13 The Wizard's Frozen Garden
JPWSW - Area 14 The Depths of Despair

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