Pulstar Neo Geo cheats and codes

Pulstar it's a video game developed in 1995 by Aicom and published in the same year by SNK, first in an arcade version and, shortly after, also for consoles Neo Geo and Neo Geo CD.

Pulstar was also released in 2010 for Nintendo Wii via Virtual Console and in 2015 also saw the Humble Store release for Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux. Pulstar is a fun one horizontal scrolling shooter, an old-fashioned shooter consisting of 8 levels, which are more or less strongly inspired by the legendary Irem R-Type.
The graphics are colored and the gameplay it's hectic as befits this genre of video games. Its difficulty does not reach the peaks touched by R-Type but the game is still tough and not very easy to complete. Precisely for this reason we have thought of some tricks for you. You will need it!

Press UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, A, B when your fighter flashes at the start of the match. You will get the maximum power available.

In the High Score screen, if you enter the letters "AAA", they will be changed to "SNK", the company that created the game, after a couple of seconds.

In the level selection screen, when selecting a stage, press A, B, C and D at the same time. You will start game 4 stage after the one you chose, so if you choose Stage 1, you will start from 5 instead.

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