Prototype : Guide to Milestones and Advice


The Hints are floating purple spheres that will give you help on the game and, collecting all of them, the WISE trophy. Below you will find a map and short descriptions of the points where they are hidden. The area of Time Square, given the large concentration of objects to collect, is magnified separately!

TimeSquare objects map

On the map you will also find the Milestones, floating blue spheres that will provide you with many experience points and, finding them all, the EXPERT BASSIFONDS trophy.

TIP1: Next to the Bloodtox factory, there is a red masonry building with a green roof, next to this building there are 2 chimneys always in red masonry you will find the advice at their feet.

TIP2: Walk along the roof of the building mentioned in council 1. At the end of the roof you will find a small bridge that joins the building you are on to another, you will see the advice on the bridge.

TIP3: The board is located on that kind of fountain in the middle of the park.

TIP4: Above the small hut with Daily Parking written on it.

TIP5: Above the building with the Greek columns, in front of the dome.

TIP6: In the square between the buildings with the green roof, in the small terrace above 3 large black doors.

TIP7: Above one of the iron scaffolding of the railway.

TIP8: On the ground in one of the small brick tunnels of the railway.

TIP9: At the foot of the park steps leading to the road to the sea.

TIP10: Starting from the building with the Greek columns, go straight along the whole park, you will find a small brick house (women's bathroom) that will hide behind it the council.

TIP11: On the ground, at the entrance of the Cressfield Plaza (a tall building) under the porch.

TIP12: In the middle of this circle of street indicated on the map you will find a downward zone in the middle of which you will find the council.

TIP13: On the ground, on the traffic divider that divides the 2 lanes of the raised street leading to the bridge.

TIP14: On the ground, under a bridge where the wooden railway passes, there are also some abandoned sofas.

TIP15: On the first small balcony of the building with the yellow writing that passes.

TIP16: High up on the row of billboards attached to the building in the middle of the streets.

TIP17: Above a building, next to a dark poster with red writing above HIDE.

TIP18: On the ground, in the gallery that passes under the high white building with large windows.

COUNCIL19: After crossing the gallery mentioned in object 18, you will find the council across the street next to some stairs.

TIP20: On the ground, in the corner with the TORTILLA GRILL sign on the yellow curtain.

TIP21: Above a low building next to a small chimney.

TIP22: Above the entrance of a building, quite low down.

TIP23: On a semicircular balcony, quite low down in the high white building.

TIP24: Go around the white building of council 23, you will see an entrance with an arch above where the council will be.

TIP25: On the low building above the large sign with the words LIFE GOES ON.

TIP26: On the low building below the big sign with a body and the writing BACK PAIN.

TIP27: On the same building as the council 26, in the opposite corner following the signs.

TIP28: From the building mentioned in council 27, look on the next building just a little further up to find the council.

TIP29: High enough on a terrace of a brown building.

TIP30: On the newsstand in the middle of the bifurcation of streets.

TIP31: Above a sign saying BACK PAIN, attached to a building.

TIP32: On the ground in the alley between 2 red brick buildings.

TIP33: On a tall white building with billboards, look on a medium height balcony to find it.

TIP34: On the ground above one of the signs of the building mentioned in council 33.

TIP35: On the ground, in the alley between the newsstand in the middle of the street and the high building.

COUNCIL36: Above the high building mentioned in council 35.

TIP37: On a building above the circular luminous column.

TIP38: On the ground, near a grille in the park.

TIP39: On the ground, near one of the green newsstands in the park mentioned in council 38.

TIP40: On the ground, near one of the green newsstands in the park mentioned in council 38.

COUNCIL41: On the ground, in a small drop near a square.

TIP42: Climb the building with the circular roof and walk around its circumference to find the council.

TIP43: On the last balcony of the tall white building, just before you reach the crystal tip.

TIP44: On one of the buildings next to the Gentek building.

TIP45: On the mirror building of council 44.

TIP46: On the ground, at the foot of the blue building next to the basketball courts.

TIP47: On the ground, in the concrete pot of the trees.

TIP48: On one of the upper balconies of a large white building.

TIP49: On the ground, under that sort of Arc de Triomphe.

TIP50: On the ground in the park, in front of the children's games.

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