Prince of Persia - SNES cheats and codes

Prince of Persia it's a platform video game originally developed by Brøderbund for Apple II in 1989. The game was subsequently ported to many other platforms including the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Jordan Mechner, author of the game, used an advanced technique called rotoscoping: he studied for many hours the videos of his brother who, dressed in white, ran and jumped. He perfectly recreated the movements and used them for Prince of Persia. PoP also came out for Amiga, MS-DOS, Game Boy and Sega Mega Drive. In 1993, a sequel also came, called Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame.
Set in medieval Persia, the game sees our hero fighting the sinister plans of the evil vizier Jaffar. He has imprisoned the Princess, the ruler's daughter and the player plays a young stranger, the girl's true love. An epic adventure that in those years involved and thrilled millions of players around the world.

From the main menu choose CONTINUE, then enter the password SPCCMD !. Now, during gameplay, pause and press B, Y, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, L, R, START + SELECT.

The cheat menu contains level selection, sound test, and an option to give the Prince units of extra energy. Also, if you press X during the game, the enemies on the screen will die.

At the beginning of level 20, instead of going left to fight Jaffar, go right and look out the window. Stay there for 5 or 6 seconds and an image of the princess will appear in the sky.

Prince of Persia - SNES


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