Prince of Persia Epilogue: Frescos and Trophies Guide

Guide to the frescos:

The underground castle, the setting for Prince Of Persia's Epilogue expansion, hides several secrets, including Ormazd's fresco. These large bluish paintings, hidden throughout the expansion, must be found and unlocked: to do so, the prince will have to run over them just as he runs over the walls.

1° Fresco
The first fresco will be shown to you by Elika and will be easily accessible through the ring on the right wall.

2nd Fresco
You will find this fresco on the ceiling of the room following the first clash with the shape-shifter (the boss who turns into the Corrupt), it will be reached through the ring on the wall to your left. Use it, jump back and cling to the beam from which you can continue to the fresco.

3rd Fresco
The fresco is located at the bottom of the wall, after having lifted with the winch the large door, unfortunately being surrounded by corruption is not immediately accessible. So climb up the half beams that hang from the ceiling and watch the film, use the slab that will take you to a platform from which, running on the wall, you can reach the beams in the wall. Do not continue, but let yourself slide under them to the right, where there will be a handhold. Continue with the rings to get to the fresco.

4th Fresco

When you find yourself turning the last winch to bring down the level of corruption you will notice, to the left of the luminous plate on the wall, the way to reach the fourth fresco. To get to the beams in the wall you have to jump on the column in front of them and then, jumping backwards, have Elika help you when the prince arrives at the apex of the jump, otherwise you will end up in corruption (rest assured if you do not succeed immediately because this jump is a bit 'difficult to make). Once you hold on to the beam, get past the part where the balls of corruption will obstruct you and let yourself slide on the purple slab below you. You will now face the usual sequence of rings and runs on the walls where in some cases you will have to ask the princess for help. Once you have jumped from the second fluorescent wall to the wall, run on the wall and then let yourself slide towards the red plate that will catapult you onto the fresco.

5th Fresco

Once you reach the large hall with 2 winches at the beginning and the red trees, go to the right and next to the winch you will find a column with a ring. Follow the rings, use the slabs and jump between the walls to finally slide over the fresco.

6th Fresco
Same procedure as the fifth fresco, only at the beginning you have to go left.

7th Fresco
Once you have passed the first places where you have to use the green slab to run on the walls, you will reach the tomb of the underground king, where, once you reach the first group of 3 winches, you will see the fresco in the distance. To reach him, all you have to do is climb over the right ledge, hang from the cracks in the wall and run towards the red slab which will project us towards another sequence of runs on the walls and rings, at the end of which we will find the fresco.

8th Fresco
Once arrived at the second group of 3 winches, the fresco will be visible in the distance. To reach it, use the same method as the seventh fresco, but as soon as the red plate has catapulted you to the next wall, let it slide towards the series of rings below that will lead you to the fresco.

9th Fresco
After you have imprisoned Elika's father possessed by corruption on the throne, climb up by following the different slabs, once you reach the top you can see the fresco at the top right in the new room. To reach it, turn towards the right wall, once you enter the room with the lake of corruption in the middle, you will notice a ring that will lead you to a climbing plant, climb to the end of it and run along the wall and then let yourself slide towards a series of rings that will lead you to the fresco.

10th Fresco
Once you arrive on the other side of the room with the lake of corruption in the middle, you can see the fresco next to a red slab. To reach it you will have to run along the wall to the right of the blue slab and then reach a series of rings. When you have passed these rings, jump on the wall behind you with the help of Elika and then come back to the starting wall by jumping back again. Now that you have gained height you can glide safely towards the fresco.

Trophies guide:


All the fresco 
Find and reach all Ormazd's fresco.

A fresco of light
Find and reach a fresco of Ormazd.

What used to be

You will get this simple trophy, once you use the first purple plate with the new power.
Bouncing here and there
You have to overcome the puzzle in the big room where you have to pull 3 rings to open the door and continue. Very easy to get, just go ahead in the game.

Coming out of the storm
Complete the epilogue.

The best offense is defense
To get this trophy you will have to defeat an enemy with the counterattack of a deflected shot. Start the fight and don't attack but make sure, moving in the combat air, that the enemy positions himself with his back to the wall or towards a precipice, now get closer to it and wait for it to launch an attack, divert it and counterattack in order to start the sequence in which the prince kills the opponent with a blow. I advise you to get this trophy when you have to imprison Elika's father on the throne: make sure you get close to the throne and make the opponent give him his back, when he attacks you deflect his blow with the button to parry and counterattack with a combo. If the enemy is close enough to the throne will start the sequence in which you have to win the contrast with him, win it in order to kill him and unlock the trophy.

Change once and die
Defeat the shape-shifting boss after his first transformation. The shape-shifter will appear transformed into a warrior, after trying to push him down he will turn into the hunter. Now you'll have to defeat the boss before he turns back, just push him quickly to the edge of the fighting arena and drop him downstairs. Try to get this trophy in the first battles with the shape-shifter.


You'll have to kill all common enemies before they appear: try never to fall into areas where there are enemies in order to get there in time to cut the corruption beam that generates them.

I just need a hand or 20

Elika saves the prince less than 20 times during the entire Epilogue, so you'll have to try to fall as little as possible and press the right keys during battles with enemies. Try to get this trophy along with the next one.

There's no time to waste

Complete the epilogue in less than 2 hours: you will have to try not to fall hardly ever, be quick in defeating your enemies pushing them towards the abysses and don't make a mistake, often helping yourself with Elika's guiding light.

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