Prehistorik Man SNES cheats and codes

Prehistory Man it's a platform game genre developed by Titus Interactive to Super Nintendo Entertainment System and released in 1996 by Titus herself worldwide, except in Japan where it was distributed by Kemco.

The videogame is the sequel to Prehistorik 2: The graphics are very similar to the predecessor, but the story is more complex and there are interesting additional non-player characters. Prehistorik Man was also converted for Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DSi. Returning to the SNES version, it is worth remembering how it received positive reviews both in terms of graphics and in terms of gameplay.
The game is set in the Stone Age: in the middle of the night, dinosaurs steal all the food stored by the inhabitants of a small village. As winter approaches and the real possibility of dying of starvation and hardship, the village chief instructs Sam, a young man, to find some food and save his people.

The player precisely controls Sam and guides him through 23 side scrolling levels, set in different locations such as burning forests and crystal caves. The main goal of the player is to collect all the food present in each level, while defeating the enemies so that they drop bones, used in Prehistorik Man as a coin. In each stage there is a checkpoint roughly in the middle of the level.


From the title screen, select “Options”. Highlight “Exit”, then hold L and press START. Back at the title screen, highlight “Game Start”, hold R and press START. The game will begin. To access the stage selection screen, press START to pause the game, then press SELECT.
Select a stage from the list (there are more pages, scroll down) and press B or START to start from the desired screen. To advance to the next level, or to see the end if you are on the last stage, simply press SELECT during the game.

Prehistorik Man - SNES


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