Power Blade NES passwords and tricks

Power blade, which in Japan is known as the Power Blazer, is a action-platform videogame developed by Natsume and published in 1991 by Taito to NES.

The video game debuted in March 1991 in North America and only in January 1992 in Europe. Its sequel is called Power Blade 2 and was released in the second half of 1992. The game is set in a New Earth colony in the year 2191 and stars NOVA, the supercomputer security manager called Master Computer. NOVA must restore the machine, which has been sabotaged by the aliens. To do this, he must recover 6 cassettes, each placed in a given sector.
Il gameplay of Power Blade is similar to that of the more famous Mega Man, with the player who can choose each of the 6 sectors from which to start. Armed with a boomerang, the player must complete all levels, avoiding obstacles and eliminating the enemies that stand in front of him. When NOVA retrieves the Power Suit, a sort of helmet found in various stages, it automatically puts on a metallic suit. This allows NOVA to fire Power Blades, energy beams needed to take out enemies. In each sector of the game the player can enhance the attack, its range and the number of boomerangs available, simply by collecting power-ups.

NOVA has an energy bar that drops each time it is hit by an enemy. If the bar goes to zero, the player loses a life, as well as if he falls into a hole or if time runs out. However, you can start over from the desired level with a simple one password system.

At the title screen, hold LEFT + A + B on Controller 2 and press the START button on Controller 1.

D 2 BB 3 9 4 0 - Sector 3
9 6 B 3 D 1 2 5 - Sector 4
B 4 DF 5 7 2 D - Sector 5
5 J 5 2 9 F 0 0 - Sector 6
7 7 KD 1 0 GJ - Sector 7

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