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Postknight is a mobile role-playing application created by Kurechii, a game development team from Malaysia. It was released for iOS and Android on February 9, 2017, after its beta test period ended.

Available: Android, iOS
Genre: Role-playing games, adventure
Players: One player
Launch date: 9 February 2017


Postknight Trailer + Game Images

In this wonderful game you must assume the role of a postal gentleman, a postal worker who must fight enemies such as wolves and bandits. During the missions, you will control the mailman through three buttons that will allow you to charge against the enemies, block their attacks or heal your wounds.

The story tells the adventures of a Knight of the Post, a knight entrusted with difficult and dangerous deliveries, in the great kingdom of Kurestal. Through the deliveries, the knight will meet other characters with different backgrounds. Here are some images of the game to help you get acquainted with it.



Tricks and tips for Postknight

Postknight is a very easy to understand game, with a very simple dynamic and you will not need any effort to play it. The game is designed for all kinds of audiences, so it doesn’t have any complicated mechanics. Even so, there are some tricks and tips we can give you so that you can advance faster and win:

  • Resources don’t fall from the sky: no matter how good you are, you’re going to have to swallow ads if you want to earn some coins. That’s the only option.
  • Improve your relationship with NPCs: Every town has a girl with whom you can improve your relationship by knowing what she likes and dislikes. Give her things she likes.
  • Make materials to improve: There are two effective methods to do it: quests and run routes. The first ones are introduced in Villa Pompon and you will have to get tokens to improve your rank.
  • Go for the yellow items: note that the items are distributed in a system of oddities in which the yellow ones are the best
  • Raise the level of the potions: It is important that you increase the level of the potions, and for that you will need ingredients. Improve the healing potions so that their cooling time is reduced. Remember that the cooling time is 3 seconds.

Free resource generator for Posknight

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Basic guide to start playing Postknight

Postknight is a very intuitive game with a very simple dynamic. You will find it very easy to understand if you have played a similar game before. The game from the beginning tells you what to do and why you do it, so there is no loss. However, there are some basic points that you must take into account to start playing. Here is a tutorial to make it easier for you to get started.

Postknight analysis

Postknight is a game that has captivated all audiences, as it is completely free and you can have it on your mobile. It is entertaining and fun. Besides, the graphics are wonderful. However, there are some negative points that must also be taken into account. Below, and now that you understand the game more, we provide you with an analysis of it.


  • Good graphics
  • Simple and entertaining gameplay
  • Addictive and well adapted to all audiences


  • There are a lot of ads that slow down the game
  • It’s not difficult but it varies a lot from one moment to the next

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