Populous SNES password of the worlds

Populous it's a real-time strategic video game, a God Game developed in 1989 by Peter Molyneux for Bullfrog Productions and then published by Electronic Arts. In this video game the player takes control of a deity and manages the evolution of a primitive people using their divine powers.

Populous's visual is in isometric axonometry from above and scroll using the directional arrows. Next to the square where the land is depicted, we find the control panel, divided by sections (population, fire, air, earth, water and vegetation). The play area is shown in an open book and houses and characters are represented by small dots.
Finally we find an amphitheater, where the percentages of the population controlled by the player and the opposing one are represented. At the beginning of the game you can choose between a benign deity and a bad one, each with their own skills at their disposal.

Each power requires a certain amount of mana to be released and as you progress through the game you can have enormous powers such as floods and earthquakes.

SW15H1M World # 120 (Cakeland)
B2NP4LD World # 17 (Silly Land)
S1D2LD World # 325 (Piglet World)
SC51SM4T World # 375 (Grassy Plains)
L1PH2PT World # 397 (Japanesque)
SH1DW2L5LD World # 482 (Rock & Lava)
Q1Z3B5Y World # 555 (Japanesque)
B2LW2L2CK World # 842 (Desert)
H5B4P1L World # 900 (Japanesque)
N2M2K45RD World # 921 (Silly Land)

V4RY5ZL2N Final Stage - (World # 988: Desert)

Populous - SNES


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