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As is customary with every new title in the main series, Pokémon Sword and Shield have added three new starters of type Erba, Fire e Acqua. But which one to choose?

We immediately specify that the best choice is difficult to define, given that the types of the various gyms are well divided and some of them vary according to the version owned, as reported in our complete guide.

To help you in this difficult decision, we have listed everything we know about it Grookey, Scorbunny e Sobble, including some information on their evolutionary stages!

Everything you need to know about the new starters


  • Category: Chimpanzee Pokémon

The first starter is of type Erba, And his name is Grookey. It is described this way on the Pokémon Sword and Shield official site:

The fluffy and immensely curious Chimpanzee Pokémon.

A wand with special effects

At first, Grookey's wand was just a simple sprig from the forest where groups of these Pokémon live. However, prolonged exposure to Grookey's body energy has given her special powers.

It can give plants energy

This Pokémon produces energy by absorbing the sun's rays with its green fur. It seems he can make faded leaves and flowers regain vivid colors by striking his wand near them.

It appears as a Pokémon lively e very happy and its feature peculiar is the strong harmony with plants.

At what level does Grookey evolve?

A level 16 evolve in Thwackey and finally, a level 35, evolve in Rillaboom.

Both evolutions are of type Pure grass and they have as a special ability Erbogenesi.


  • Category: Rabbit Pokémon

The next starter is Scorbunny, the hopping Rabbit Pokémon of type Fire. Here's how he talks about it the official website:

The Rabbit Pokémon, always on the run and overflowing with energy.

Her powerful lower limbs are her pride

Thanks to its powerful lower limbs, Scorbunny runs and hops around opponents confusing and disorienting them. The pads under his paws can become hot, allowing him to deliver kicks that burn the enemy.

Scorbunny's second heart: the burning bag

The pouch in his chest contains dense fiery energy. If he can run and warm up enough to speed up his heart rate and raise his body temperature, Scorbunny unleashes the full power of his fiery energy and greatly increases his physical strength.

Scorbunny is a Pokémon agile e fast, and its strength lies in powerful paws and in burning bag leading to the chest.

At what level does Scorbunny evolve?

A level 16 evolve in Raboot and finally, a level 35, evolve in Cinderace.

Both evolutions are of type Pure fire and they have as a special ability Free, a new ability that makes him change type based on the last move he used (a bit like Mutatipo).


  • Sobble is l 'last of the three starters of Sword and Shield Pokémon and it is a aquatic lizard! Here is his information from Pokémon official site:

    The Pokémon Acquacertola, so shy that it launches attacks hidden in the water.

    When it touches the water, it disappears

    When Sobble touches the water, its color and pattern on its body change allowing it to blend in with its surroundings. It is a very fearful Pokémon. If he is nervous or embarrassed, he secretes water from his body as if it were sweat and disappears into the surrounding environment.

    His tears are a hundred times more powerful than an onion

    Its highly contagious tears induce crying with a miraculous effect, a hundred times more powerful than an onion. If he feels in danger, Sobble begins to cry desperately, shedding tears all around and causing those present to burst into uncontrollable crying. In this way, it distracts the enemies and takes advantage of it to escape.

    Sobble is a Pokémon very shy who is used to struggle hidden in the water, and when it is discovered it immediately begins to to cry!

    At what level does Sobble evolve?

    A level 16 evolve in Drizzile and finally, a level 35, evolve in Inteleon. Both evolutions are of type Pure water and they have as a special ability Sniper.

    The final choice

    Which of these three starters do you like best? Remember that the Pokémon you choose will accompany you throughout the adventure, so think about it!

    Among the advice we can give you, we would like to point out that among the new Pokémon of Galar, few are of the Fire type, therefore Scorbunny it might be an interesting choice for many.

    Grookey is a great choice in the short term since the second gym is of the Water type and the first is nothing difficult.

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