Pokémon Sword and Shield - Where to find useful items for the competitive

In this Pokémon Sword and Shield guide we'll see one list of all obtainable items and their effect to train your Pokémon.

All objects


A Pokémon that he carries with him Abilbintura will inflict more damage with super effective moves. It is recommended to give the item to a Pokémon that has different types of moves.

In order to get the item, you must complete an event a Turffield. Here's how to do it:


If Pokémon with this item takes physical damage that makes contact, deals 1/6 damage to the opponent.

To find the Bitorzolelmo, you will have to fly to Latermore and get off there ladder located in South of the city. You will see one Poké Ball on the rocks that will contain the object.


This item allows its holder to recover 1/16 of PS at the end of each shift.

You will find it near the entrance to the Giant's chair passing by Milotic Lake (north). The first thing that you will see it will be one Pokémon lair and, nearby, a Pokéball with the item.


Item with the same effect as Leftovers that only works on poison-type Pokémon.

It is obtainable by collecting it above a manhole behind the Goalwick station.


Tool that grants the Pokémon that uses it immunity to moves or abilities that they would not allow him to be replaced.

You will find Disfoguscio on the right ofPokémon Hostel of Path 5.


Object that increases the Defense and Special Defense, but only if the Pokémon holding it it is still able to evolve.

You can find it in a house in Piquedilly facing a Pokémon Breeder.

Band of choice

Increase the power of an attack ma does not allow you to switch Pokémon.

You will find the Bendascelta crossing a river with the bike in front of the Magnolia house.

Slow choice

Drastically increases Special Attack but you can only use one move.

The object can be found on the right side of the stage in Spikeville.

Your choice

Increase Speed of the Pokèmon that has the object but he can use only one move.

To get it you will have to complete the quest of the letter. You will have to follow these steps:

Field fastener

Increases the duration of moves and abilities that they alter the battlefield.

To get it, go near the purple tent at Route 8. There's a hidden path on the right side of the tent where you will find it.


Permette the Pokémon that has it di to survive to an attack that would send him KO in one shot with still all Life Points.

To get it, go to the house near the Knuckleburgh Pokémon Center. You will be able to get a single Focus Ribbon once the trainer is defeated. The item wears out when used.

Assault Vest

This bodice increases the Special Defense but it prevents the use of state moves.

The object is found near a tree at Dragofuria Lake. Look for a flashing spot under the tree at the top of the hill.


Increase theat the power of the moves and four lose 10% of HP when the Pokémon attacks with a move that deals damage.

To get it, go to Sleeping Wood in the area where the Weezing of Galar appear. Going towards a path to the right, you will find a river that you can cross with your bike.

Going down, you will find a Pokéball with the item.


A Pokémon that owns Siderberry recover HP once damaged.

You will find the Baccacedro by shaking the trees of the following areas of the Wild Lands:

Baccacedro can be obtained fromberry tree in the Wilds. You will also get the berry like reward from Gygamax Raids.

Weather in Baccaprugna

A Pokemon that owns this item is healed by any change in status.

You can get it near the tunnel in Path 9 from a berry tree blocked by two coaches.


Prevents any negative changes to the statistics of those who hold it. It is consumed after the first use.

You can find the item under the tree south of the Ruined Tower. The tree stands between Shadowlight Grove and Ruined Tower.

Crete Luce

Extends the duration of barrier moves such as Schermoluce and Riflesso.

You will find the object ad West of Route 6.

"Rock" objects

Use this item to increase the turns of a certain weather condition invoked by ability o moves.

There are 4 of them: Hot Rock (for bright sunlight), Roccialiscia (for Sandstorm), Cold Rock (for Hail) e Damp rock (for Pouring Rain).

Enter the house located east of Knuckleburgh. By talking to the person inside you can get a different item every day.


This object possesses to use immediately moves that would require a turn of preparation to be used as Solaraggio o Geocontrollo.

You will find it in one narrow path towards the middle of Route 10. Go through it and you will find it beyond the tall grass.

Top it up

If whoever holds it suffers one Electro-type move, his Attack increases.

The object can be found outside the Battle Tower, towards his right side.

Throat Spray

Increase theone-stage special attack in case you use a move based on sound.

You will be able to get the item by helping the child find his Minccino a Steamington. The Pokémon is nearby the fountain to the left of the stadium, from which it will only come out if you whistle.


Useful item for don't get hit by ground-type moves such as Earthquake and Magnitude. It breaks as soon as the Pokémon holding it gets hit.

The object is located near the hotel-like building in Goalwick. Head to the right side of the Hotel and you will find Balloon next to a telephone booth.

Weather in Muschioluce

Increase Special Defense of the Pokémon that owns it if it is hit by a Water-type move.

You can get the item in Bosco Brillabirinto, through one of the luminous points that you will find on the ground.

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