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Pokèmon Sword and Shield with the expansion The snowy land of the crown reintroduces a trio of very famous legendary birds, we are talking about Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres but with something different.
The three legendary birds will in fact return to the series in a new form dedicated to the Galar region.

Let's see how to catch all three

To catch the birds, we would have to come from the south of the Giant's Bed to the bright giant tree, called Dynalbero, located in the southern part of the moor.
Once you have visited the tree for the first time, you will witness the clash between the three birds, but after a few moments the three will run away due to our presence.

From this moment on you will have to look for them all over Galar!

All three Pokémon will be at level 70 and it will be possible to see them in the game world, even from very far away such as for Moltres that we will be able to see on the sea that surrounds the solitary island of armor.

The three areas where it will be possible to find birds at the beginning will always be the same, in fact we recommend you
strongly to save before facing them in battle.
Being legendary pokèmon, their capture rate will be higher than normal pokèmon.

Where to find Articuno

Articuno Galar will circle the wilds of the Crown Rift. He will be sitting on a cliff on snowy valley.
Once we get close, it will split into three copies and we will have to interact with the exact bird to be able to fight it.
The real Articuno will have the tail animation which will be different between the two.

Where to find Zapdos

Zapdos of Galar will be able to be seen running in the main area of ​​the Wilds.
If we fly into the Piazzale Adunanza in the wild land, we will have a chance to see it before it starts running.
After following him for a while, he will get tired and stop allowing us to challenge him to battle.

Where to find Moltres

Moltres will be on the Isle of armor, once you arrive at the island station you will be able to see Moltres flying over the sea, you just have to get closer to start the chase. Once moved, head immediately near the Dojo and await his arrival.

As soon as he is very close to you, start ringing the bell of your bicycle continuously, so that you can attract his attention. Once done, the fight will start automatically.

Once you have all three legendary birds, return to Peony and show them to him so that you can declare the three legendary birds tour over.


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