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After becoming champions of the Pokémon Galar League, what else there is to do in Pokémon Sword and Shield? Find out with this new guide.

Most of the time, the main story is just the beginning of the adventure: once finished you will have the opportunity to do many activities, come on Dynamax Raid multiplayer to Pokémon battles Online, until the capture of Legendary Pokémon.

Pokémon Sword and Shield not will have the largest endgame in the series, but there is still a lot to do once the Pokémon League champion is defeated.

Obtain the Master Ball from Professor Magnolia

Once they become Samples, you will find yourself visiting the Professor Magnolia. He will give you as a reward Master Ball, a Poké Ball that allows you to catch each Pokémon infallibly. You can use the Master Ball however you like, although it is recommended to use it against Legendary Pokémon.

There are very hard to catch and unless you want to waste endless ball to catch them, the Master Ball is the one for you.

Get a Gigamax Charmender

Charmender is one of the most loved Pokémon of the first generation and it will be possible to obtain it in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Once you are free to roam Galar again, you will have to go to find Hop, where did you get yours first Pokémon battle in the game.

For more information on obtaining Pokémon, we refer you to ours guide on capturing Charizard Gigamax! In addition to the Dynamax Raid, this is the only other way to get this Pokémon.

Capture a Legendary Pokémon: Zacian or Zamazenta

Like any other Pokémon series game, you'll have to go on the hunt for the Legendary Pokémon on duty. After completing the main story you will need to to catch Zacian or Zamazenta, the two mascots of Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Players Sword Pokémon will have a chance to catch Zacian, while the players of Shield will have a chance to catch Zamazenta. To find the Legendary, we refer you to ours guide to legendaries, along with the way to capture the last legendary, Eternatus.

Obtain Rare Pokémon League Cards from Gym Leaders by defeating Pokémon Gigamax

Once they become Champions, Pokèmon Sword and Shield will allow players to revisit gyms to face of Dynamax battles.

All you need to do is talk to the leader of each gym and face a special battle against a powerful one Pokémon Gigamax.

Once won the battle against a gym leader, will be delivered to you his Pokémon League Card, autographed, as a reward for the achievement.

To best face these struggles, we advise you to use Legendary Pokémon, to have strengthened their team and to having studied the opponent's weaknesses.

Below is a list of the Rare Pokémon League Card (may vary according to the version you have):

  • Yarrow / Turrfield Gym - Fight against Tsareena Dynamax
  • Blue / Keelford's Paletra - Fight against Gyarados Dynamax
  • Kabu / Steamington Gym - Fight against Torkoal Dynamax
  • Sword: Fabia / Latermore Gym - Fight with Conkeldurr Conkeldurr
  • Shield: Onion / Letermore's Gym - Fight against a Dynamax Pokémom
  • Beet / Ballonlea Stadium - fight with Beet, the new gym leader
  • Sword: Milo / Circhester Gym - Fight against a Gigalith Dynamax
  • Shield: Melania / Circhester Gym - Fight with a Dynamax
  • Juniper / Spikeville Gym - Fight against a Haxorus Dynamax
  • Piers: Obtained after capturing Zacian or Zamazenta
  • Rose: obtained from Olive in the Galar mine
  • Ball Guy: Obtained out of the Steamington Gym
  • Leon: Defeat Leon in battle at the Battle Tower
  • Hop: Obtained from Hop after defeating him in the final fight in the Drowsy Woods

Pokèmon Sword and Shield are available exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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