Pokémon Sword and Shield - Guide to obtaining Caps

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I Caps, introduced with Pokémon Sun and Moon, serve for maximize the IV of a Pokémon.

In previous games they were very rare and few were given, while in Sword and Shield Pokémon we will be able to obtain them in large quantities. With this guide we will explain like it's theirs utilization.

Silver Cap or Gold Cap?

I Silver caps can be purchased at the Torre Lotta at the price of 25 PL, which you will get by fighting in the Tower itself.

The game offers others two methods obtaining, slower than the main one:

1) The two diggers

The diggers present near the Pokémon boarding house in the Wildland they can give you gods Silver caps in exchange for 500 W. They might even deliver gods to you Gold Caps.

2) I Raid

The Caps will be given to you as a reward once completed i high-level raid.

How to use the Caps

In order to use the Tappi, you will need a Pokémon at the level 100. Once you reach it, inside the Battle Tower you will have access to the Super Workout, just talk to theNPC in charge and it will make you maximize the IV of your favorite Pokémon.

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