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The Galar pokédex is full of new pokémon and, consequently, of exclusive skills never seen before in other games in the series.

This guide will be useful to be able to update you to all the news on the subject, especially crucial if you are interested in the competitive side that the title has to offer.

Before starting, however, we would like to specify that the list below will contain spoilers about some new pokémon, so, in case you want a completely dark experience, we advise you not to continue.

For convenience, however, we will divide the list into two macroblocks, one dedicated to new pokémon and the other at Galar forms and their eventual new evolutions.

Skills of the new pokémon

Swallow missile

Exclusive ability of Cramorant.

When the pokémon uses Surfing o Sub, will return to the field with prey stuck in its mouth. As soon as it takes damage, it will spit it on the opposing pokémon, dealing damage.

Curiously, the prey that Cramorant will have in his mouth will be the new fish pokémon Arrokuda or a victim Pikachu.


Exclusive ability of Rolycoly and its evolutions Carkoal e Coalossal.

When the pokémon is hit by a move fire o water, its speed increases by 3 stages.

Ball catcher

Exclusive ability of Yamper.






If the pokémon is not holding any items, it will retrieve the persian pokéball following a bankruptcy capture.

This skill only works with the first lost pokéball.


Exclusive ability of Morpeko.

The pokémon changes form at the end of each turn, alternating the form "Belly motif"Type pure electro with the form "Empty Belly Reason"Type electro / dark.

With the shape also changes its peculiar move Wheel of Aura, which in the first form will be of type electro while in the second type dark.


Exclusive ability of Gossifleur e Eldegoss.

When the pokémon is hit, it decreases by a stadium la speed of the opponent.


Exclusive ability of Corviknight.

He pokemon reflects to the opponent any move or effect that occurs it would lower the stats.

Power Spot

Exclusive ability of Stonjourn.

The moves of allied pokémon close to Stonjourner will be enhanced. This ability only affects double battles.

Ice Face

Exclusive ability of Eiscue.

The ice block on the pokémon's head can absorb physical attacks as if it were a substitute, also changing physical appearance and statistics (will suffer a general decrease in defenses and a drastic increase in speed).

The ice will return intact if Eiscue is found under the hailstorm.


Exclusive ability of Applin and its two alternative evolutions, Flapple e Appletun.

Double the effect of berries used

Ice Scales

Exclusive ability of snom e Frosmoth.

The pokémon is protected by scales that halve the damage suffered by special moves.


Exclusive ability of Silicobra e Sandaconda.

The pokémon creates a Earthstorm whenever it is hit.

Punk rock

Exclusive ability of Toxtricity.

Increases the power of the moves based on sound. The pokémon also suffers the half the damage that one.

Iron Will

Exclusive ability of Duraludon.

The pokémon ignores moves and abilities that otherwise would attract his moves, such as Sonohere or Lightning Rod.


Exclusive ability of Arrokuda e Barraskewda.

The pokémon ignores moves and abilities that otherwise would attract his moves, such as Sonohere or Lightning Rod. It acts identically to Duralodon's Stalwart.


Exclusive ability of Scorbunny, Raboot e Cinderace.

He pokemon change type based on the move he uses. It works very similar to Mutatipo.

Indomitable sword

Exclusive ability of Zacian.

Potential attack and special attack stats of the pokémon as soon as it enters the field.

Balance Shield

Exclusive ability of Zamazenta.

Potential defense statistics and special defense of the pokémon as soon as it enters the field.

Ability of Galar Forms

Reagent gas

Exclusive ability of Weezing form Galar.






Neutralize skills of all the pokémon in the field, both opponents and allies.


Exclusive ability of Darmanitan Galar form.

Enhance the attack statistic of the pokémon but allows the use of one single move, much like the Band of Choice tool.


Exclusive ability of Ponyta e Rapidash form Galar.

Prevents thepoisoning of all the pokémon of the team, including himself.

Wandering soul

Exclusive ability of Yamask Galar form and its new evolution, Runerigus.

He pokemon trade the skill with an opponent hitting him with moves that make contact.

Perish Body

Exclusive ability of Cursola, the evolution of Corsar forms Galar.

When hit by a move that causes contact, the pokémon forces itself and the opponent who hit it to perish within 3 turns, much like the move Last song.

This effect can be avoided by switching the affected pokémon to another in the team.

Steely Spirit

Exclusive ability of Perrserker, the evolution of Meowth forms Galar.

Potential moves steel used by the pokémon.

Cancel barriers

Exclusive ability of Mr mime Galar form and its new evolution, Mr. Rime.

Whenever the pokémon enters the battlefield, the effects of Reflection, Light screen e Velaurora are canceled for both opponents and allies.


Exclusive ability of Stunfisk Galar form.

Change the type of the pokémon based on the present field (Electric Field, Grassy Field, Psychic Field and Misty Field).

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