Pokémon Sword and Shield - Experience point farming guide

In this guide by Sword and Shield Pokémon we'll see how farm experience points and do to level up quickly our pocket monsters

Collect Fortunuova for extra experience points!

The Pokémon they carry with them Lucky Eggs they will get extra experience points. Use this item to quickly level up your Pokémon.

One method of obtaining this object is to go to the Keelford fish restaurant and talk to the chef.

It will ask you to make deliveries for him in three different places. Once you have completed the tasks, you will get a Lucky Egg.

Earn experience points in Dynamax Raids

Head to the wild lands and look for holes from which beams of light come out. These burrows house powerful Pokémon. Attend a Dynamax Raid to obtain extra experience points.

In addition to extra experience, defeat i Pokémon Gigamax and Dynamax in Raid i will get Candy Experience.

The candy experience

Le candy experience will increase a Pokémon's experience once used. Keep facing Dynamax Raid to get this item as a reward and to do increase in level your Pokémon more efficiently.

Experience candy will have different sizes ranging from S to XL.

The bigger the candy e the more experience points it will give to your Pokémon. The more stars the raid has, the bigger the candy obtained will be.

While you are farming experience points in the Wilderness Dynamax Raids, always check the zone time.

Il weather will increase the stats of a particular Pokémon, making it easier to study a strategy in the Raid.

Earn experience points in the endgame tournament

After beat Leon and have become Samples, you will have to visit it Goalwick Stadium and talk to the front desk. The attendant will ask you to join the tournament. You can participate several times in the tournament without limits.

You can choose which coach to face again, but in general choose Leon o hop it will bring you many more experience points. Hop will use Legendary Pokémon and it will give you more experience points.

Eat Curry with your Pokémon

Eat currying your Pokemon will earn them experience points to level up. Each Pokémon will have his favorite flavor so choose carefully the curry for him to eat.

You can cook curry in your own Pokécampeggio. You can prepare your own court as you explore or you can join other coaches' courts on the various courses of the game.

Assign Poké Jobs to your Pokémon

You can assign Poké Job to your Pokemon to earn them extra experience points. If a Pokemon has been sent to do a job, you won't be able to use it in your party.

Some Pokémon are better suited to certain types of work! Be sure to send a Pokémon that excels at that type of work to get additional experience points.

You can assign Poké Jobs to your Pokémon directly from Rotomina terminal.

Trade Pokémon for experience points

Pokémon obtained with one exchange they will get more experience points during battles.

In case you don't have anyone to trade Pokémon with, there is always one Magic Exchange, which allows you to trade one Pokémon with another casual coach.

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