Pokémon Sword and Shield - Dynamax and Gigamax raid guide

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Sword and Shield Pokémon introduce a new type of fight, the raids that you can play in both single and multiplayer up to 4 players.

With this guide we will see in detail how they work and the difference between Dynamax e Gigamax.

Gigamax is limited to some Pokémon

The new game Pokémon, introduce two new Pokémon form: the Dynamax and Gigamax. These can be used during battles against the Gym Leaders, monkfish online and RAID.

What is the difference between Dynamax and Gigamax?

As per the table, the Dynamax will only do enlarge your Pokémon, replacing all the moves with their own version Dyna (each type has its own Dynamo).

In order to use them you will need the Dynamax cuff that will be given to you at the beginning of the adventure from Professor Flora.

To make your Pokèmon Dynamax stronger, you will have to use the Dynamax candies, which will increase theirs Dynamax level, guaranteeing more PS in battle.

I Dynamax e Gigamax they can only be used in certain areas and the effect will only last three shifts, after which, your Pokémon will return to normal.

Instead i Gigamax are a more complex version of the Dynamax: in fact only details Pokémon will be able to take advantage of this new "evolution".

In order to understand if your Pokémon can Gigamaxizzarsi, you just need to see in the Pokémon card if it is present an X next to the name.

Compared to Dynamax, Gigamax will donate to your Pokémon a peculiar move that only they can use. Below we leave you all the Gigamax forms present in the game and the lairs in which they can appear:

Below we leave you a series of images with the positions in detail of each Gigamax:

Tana at Gengar / Machamp
Tana at Copperajah
Orbeetle's Lair (1)
Orbeetle's Lair (2)
Lair of Alcremie
Tana in Hatterene
Duralodon's Lair
Tana di grimmsnarl
Tana in Sandaconda (3)
Tana in Sandaconda (2)
Tana di Sandaconda (1) / Corviknight
Tana di Drednaw
Tana at Charizard
Butterfree Den (2)
Butterfree Den (1)
Lair of Appletun / Flapple
Coalossal's Lair
Tana di Kingler (2)
Tana di Kingler (1)
Garbodor's lair
Where to find Meowth
Where to find Eevee
Where to find Pikachu


Also, with the latest event available until February 7 at 1:00 am, it will be more likely to catch Coalossal e Flapple Gigamax in Sword Pokémon e Lapras e Appletun Gigamax in Shield Pokémon.

After the event, from February 7th to March 10th it will be possible to capture Toxtricity Gigamax (the Melodia form is exclusive to Spada, while the Basso form of Scudo).

Finally, until February 17th at 1:00 am, Alcremie Gigamax will be replaced in raids by Milcery, among which some, once evolved, will have the ability to gigamaxize.

To know how to catch them easily, we refer you to our guide on this.

You can also consult our guide on how to get Charizard Gigamax or ours complete guide to the game.

Let's see how raids work

You will have access to raids as soon as you first arrive in the Wildland. We recommend that you finish the game before trying your hand at 5 star raid, because they require a co-operation with other players almost mandatory due not excellent AI.

To participate in a raid, all you have to do is click on the "tane”Present in the Wilderness, once done you will have to choose whether to go in solo or multiplayer. For the mode multiplayer you will need a subscription Nintendo Switch Online.

Furthermore, if you want to play with your friends, you just need to have them in Nintendo Switch friends list and start the raid you want to face: if everything goes well, the raid will appear in theirs Y-Comm and they can join.

You can also set a password by pressing the "+”In the raid screen, in order to prevent random people from joining the game without your permission.

Once inside a raid, only one party member will be able to use the Dynamax or Gigamax on your Pokémon, and you will have it available 10 turns o 4 KB in order to end the fight.

Once concluded you will have the option to to be able to capture the defeated Pokémon and if you are lucky you can get the specimen it can Gigamaxizzarsi.

Once the raid is over, you will be given various rewards, including: Exp. Candies (XS, S, M, L, XL), Dynamax candies, Berries and much more.

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