Pokémon Sword and Shield: 6 (+1) Tips to Start the Game

The continent of Galar, introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield, is full of novelties and full of Pokemon to capture and train. The numerous additions Game Freak has brought to the formula of the series could put even a veteran in trouble, that's why we thought to create a list of tricks and tips in order to better deal with every situation:

Poke Job: To train Pokemon at their best just make them work

You want to train and evolve Pokemon but you don't want to waste our time? In the new Pokemon adventure you don't have to take the little monsters with you and train them to the point of exhaustion but you can make them work! Thanks to a system called Poke Job accessible from any of Bill's PCs you can send your Pokemon on a mission and make them level up while you take care of anything else.

The Poke Jobs are many and varied, the more you will complete the more you will unlock them, especially if you've got all the medals. The best Poke Jobs are the unique ones and once completed they don't become available again. These jobs provide much more experience to your Pokemon and even rarer items when you return from work.

If you want to train Pokemon with Poke Jobs choose the most suitable Pokemon for each job. Each job in fact requires Pokemon of a certain type. There may happen to be jobs that ask you to send from 3 to 30 Pokemon of fire type. Always try to send those of the required type in order to multiply your experience points. Also, always choose the "Very Long" assignment so as to maximize XP and rewards.

If you're old fashioned there are also Pokemon Hostels (2 in total) that will train Pokemon for you. In this case you'll have to pay and wait much longer than the Poke Jobs to see results.

Poke Ball Miscellaneous: Capturing Pokemon is easier thanks to the variety

You'll often fail to capture a Pokemon at all. Our advice is to focus on variety and speed. There are not only Mega Ball and Ultra Ball but there are all kinds of balls that capture as many types of Pokemon: Moon Ball, Dream Ball, Weight Ball, Care Ball and many others that you can exploit depending on the situation.

During various gameplay we then encountered a sort of trick: by throwing a Mega Ball to most Pokemon as soon as they left the challenge the capture was almost assured. While using particular balls with Pokemon of a completely different type we noticed another increase in capture (like a Sub Ball with a Gengar), luck or strategy? Try it and let us know!

In addition, in the game, there is also a hidden catch, which increases the critical catches and that you can find by talking to the Game Freak developer inside the hotel in Circhester.

Shoulder Spades Brothers: How to get the 4 Pokemon fossils

Are you tired of wandering the Wild Lands in search of treasures, evolutionary stones and other objects? Send the Spade Brothers to the Shoulder is their trade! You can find them near the Wild Lands Hostel and for only 500 Watts they will go in search of a precious treasure for you. Be careful though, because every brother has an exact function:

  • The left brother has low stamina, but the probability of finding rare items is higher.
  • The right brother has more resistance, but he usually finds more common objects.

Even if sometimes they come back empty-handed they are perfect especially if you're looking for Pokemon fossils or rare treasures such as the Star Piece.

Raid: Because they are important and fruitful

Want rare Pokemon, Gigamax and get Rare Candies for training quickly? Raids are for you! Whether offline or with your team online, Raids to Pokemon Holes in the Wasteland always bring numerous benefits.

It is basically a matter of facing a Giant Pokemon when a stream of purple light comes out of the dens scattered in the Wild Lands. If the stream is more intense and also surrounded by black clouds the Pokemon of the Raid will be even stronger and will provide you with rarer rewards. It ranges from evolutionary stones and cooking items to tools and Rare Candies of different sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Classic.

The Raids therefore not only guarantee the capture of the Pokemon found in the lair but also an enormous satisfaction in terms of training due to the numerous experience received at the end of the fight. Moreover, the Raids do not appear only randomly in the Wild Lands but can be triggered by throwing the Desiostelle in an empty lair. These useful items can be purchased from Watt Sellers scattered throughout the Wild Lands.

Quick Moves: Galar is huge not underestimated bikes, trains and Volotaxi

Galar is an immense region and luckily you can move around quickly thanks to the train, whose station is present in every city in the game. But if you are inside a Route and the train is far away, don't forget to rely on the Volotaxi, accessible directly from the game menu by selecting the map and the location to reach.

Finally, one of the best tools in the game is the rotom bike. Before starting to patrol Galar far and wide we suggest you first reach Route 5, to unlock the Rotom bike and then Route 9 to get the aquatic enhancement of the bike. In this way not only will you be able to go faster anywhere, but you can also dredge lakes and seas, cross rivers and reach hidden islands.

However, there is another type of upgrade for the bike that can be purchased from Watt Sellers around the Wild Lands. By selecting the "I want to go faster" option and paying out several Watts, the sellers will boost your bike's turbocharger making it more durable and faster to recharge. A perfect upgrade if you aim for the best time in Rotom Rally.

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