Pokemon Sun and Moon - All QR Codes to Scan

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Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon give you the ability to scan QR codes around the world: from the dough box to the cookies, each QR code turns into something useful for the game. However, the most interesting feature is another: each pokemon is associated with its own QR code that you can scan using the Nintendo 3DS (or 2DS) integrated camera! Once scanned, the pokemon will automatically be added to Pokedex and you'll be able to see all of its features, moves, etc. Obviously this doesn't mean that the Pokemon is captured, just that it's "spotted" and then added to your Pokedex. This will make your life easier when you have to go and face one!

Scanning QR codes also has another big advantage: for every 10 codes you scan you'll be able to "scan the island" where you are. After this scan you'll see a pokemon that normally can't be found on the island where you are, so you'll have one hour and only 1 chance to capture it, so get suitably equipped and hurry! You can scan any QR code like we said, but in the meantime let's start scanning those of the pokemons we've collected for you below:

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