Pokemon Ruby Omega and Sapphire Alpha - All Megastones

Pokemon Ruby Omega and Sapphire Alpha - Here is where to find all the Megastones!
We are pleased to present you, exclusively, the guide and the complete solution to the new chapters of Pokemon, the Omega version of Ruby and the Alpha version of Sapphire!

In this guide we will reveal the position of all the MEGASTONES to make Megaevolve your Pokemon. The stones are listed in alphabetical order to make your search easier:

Abomasnowite: Route 123, in the berry garden.

Absolite: In the Safari Zone.

Aerodactylite: Meteora Falls

Aggronite: Menferro Tunnel, after destroying the rocks blocking the passage.

Alakazamite: On land, you will see it shining at the Market of Porto Selcepoli.

Altarite: Porto Alghepoli, showing an Altaria to the collector.

Ampharosite: Ciclanova, you can reach this area after accessing the first floor of Ciclamipoli.

Archeo Groudon - Red Gem: It is automatically obtained in the Ruby Omega version.

Archeo Kyogre - Blue Gem: It is automatically obtained in the Alpha Sapphire version.

Audinite: Resort Lotta, rescue Bellocchio on the beach to the right of the guesthouse and then climb the stairs to the right of the Pokemon center going to talk to the man you saved and who will give you the stone.

Banettite: Monte Pira, in the outdoor area.

Beedrilite: Cyclamen's Warehouse.

Blastoisite: on the deck of the Motorship Marea.

Blazikenite: Purchasable by the Elder on route 114.

Cameruptite: Lair of Team Magma during Episode Delta (Ruby); Resort Lotta (Sapphire).

Charizardite X: Burning Path.

Charizardite Y:
Grottino Solare, on route 120.

Diancite: Transferring Diancie to Ruby Omega/Zaffiro Alpha and entering a pokémon center.

Galladite: Delivered by Lino in Chapter Delta.

Garchompite: In Forestopoli, in the Guild of Secret Bases after reaching the platinum level. To reach the platinum level you need to collect 1000 flags via spotpass or streetpass.

Gardevoirite: Gifted by the girl from the Menferro tunnel in her house in Mentania

Gengarite: Resort Fight.

Glalite: Transferable from the special demo (Europe, USA) or to Grotta Ondosa.

Gyaradosite: Route 123, in the mouth of a Poochyena, inside the Fishing Lodge.

Heracrossite: Route 127.

He was listening.

Kangaskhanite: Orocea.

Latiasite: it is automatically obtained in the game (Sapphire); delivered by the mother to Albanova after beating the Superquattro (Ruby).

Latiosite: You get it automatically in the game (Ruby); delivered by your mother to Albanova after beating the Superfour (Sapphire).

Lopunnite: Cyclamipoli, close-up.

Lucarite: Delivered by Orthilla after winning all Pokémon Live Races at the Master level and defeating her in a race.

Manectricite: Cycle path.

Monte Pira, inside, climbing to the top.

It is delivered by Rocco after beating the Superquattro the second time; or you can get it from the Beldum Shiny downloadable via the internet. Unlock Beldum Chromatic/Shiny + Metagrossite

Mentania, area accessible from route 117.

Mewtwtoite X: Albanova, to the left of Professor Birch's house.

Mewtwoite Y
: To the left of the Pokémon League entrance.

Ferrugipoli, after showing Mr. Petri the Suggestive Stone, obtainable after finding the Shroomish lost by the little girl.

Pinsirite: Route 124.

Rayquaza: After finishing Episode Delta learning the Rise of the Dragon move, Rayquaza does not require a megapietra to evolve. Guide and Solution to Episode Delta

Sceptilite: Choosing Sceptile as a starter or purchased by the elder on route 114.

Swampertite: Choosing Swampert as starter oopure buyable by the elder on route 114.

Slowbroite: Grotta Ondosa, after having delivered to the elderly 4 units of Wave Salt and 4 Gusciondosi.

Steelixite: Transferable from the special demo (Japan) or to the Bluruvia cave.

Sableyite: Ceneride, near the Cave of Times.

Sharpedite: Team Aqua's Lair during Episode Delta (Sapphire); Resort Lotta (Ruby).

Salamencite: Meteora Falls after the end of the Delta Chapter.

Scizorite: Petal Wood.

Tyranitarite: Wild Pass.

Venusaurite: Route 119.

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