Pokemon Quest: How to Obtain and Equip Power Stone Guide

Pokemon Quest has been available for a few days on Nintendo Switch but, like everything related to the combative monsters, is already making talk about itself. Pokemon games can become a real drug. The success of Pokemon Quest will only increase when the game will also be made available for download on iOS and Android devices towards the end of June 2018 (the exact date has yet to be confirmed).

The mechanics of the game are very simple, but it's good to take a little review every now and then to become a true master. On our website there are already some guides that give you useful advice. In this article we're going to see how to upgrade and improve your Pokemon. You'll need to research and equip Power Stones that provide a significant boost to your creatures.

Guide Pokemon Quest : Getting and equipping Power Stone

The menu that allows you to equip a Power Stone . Each Pokemon to slots, be sure to enter the Power Stone right one.
  • Farming - They Power Stone are normally available to be looted when you finish an expedition. When you've wiped the place clean of every wave of enemies and defeated the boss, you'll bring home some goodies - and among the prize rich you can usually find one Power Stone .
  • Types - There are many types of Power Stone , but must be discovered as you go. So far you can be sure that there are at least two different types of electric stone. The first is the Mighty Stone that helps Pokemon attack harder. The other type is called Sturdy Stone, and this improves the health value of the Pokemon that equips it.
  • Equip - To equip one Power Stone , simply select the Pokemon you want to upgrade and then slide it into Power Stone the correct slot.
  • Hollows - Some Power Stone can only go into certain slots or recesses, so if you're looking to equip a particular stone, make sure you don't try to fit a Mighty Stone into a Sturdy Stone, for example. Check the icons to make sure there is a match between the stone in your possession and the free slot.
  • Unlock slots - the more experience your Pokemon gains, the more it will level up. As their level increases, they will have access to additional slots. At this point, you can upgrade them further, gaining more XP from the toughest battles, helping them level up and so on.

There's not much more to know. The mechanics related to Power Stone it is quite intuitive and should not bother you. As mentioned before, just make sure you don't put one Power Stone in the wrong slot.

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