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PM Tickets serve as premium currency in Pokemon Quest . This is a free-to-play game after all, but some players may find themselves in situations where it can be more tempting to spend real money than to wait hours and hours of play. On the other hand, a video game is taken for this: to play! So let's look at some of the ways the game offers to get tickets without spending real money.

How to get the Tickets

General guidelines

First, click the Quest icon in the lower left corner of the screen. This will reveal a number of optional challenges and quests that you can complete to earn some rewards. Some of them will reward you with extra ingredients, but most quests will include tickets as a reward. We recommend that you make all the easy ones as soon as possible. They involve completing a certain number of quests, recruiting a certain number of Pokemon by preparing recipes or decorating the base camp. Once you have completed these simpler goals, you should have a good amount of tickets to continue the adventure for quite some time.

Outside of these tasks, you will also receive bonus tickets every 24 hours. If you want even more and are willing to spend some money, you can purchase shipping packages from the Nintendo Switch eShop. The Great Expedition Pack, for example, gives you 100 PM Tickets as a bonus and also increases the number of tickets you receive every 24 hours. This will cost $9.99.

The tickets are mainly used to get more Pokemon, get all the items dropped from failed expeditions, or buy decorations for your base camp. In this guide, however, we will try to get more specific to get as many PM tickets as possible.

How to get Free Tickets

Complete Missions

Here are the missions of the game that reward you with free tickets.

  • Chef Beginner

Description: Cooking at least three times

Reward: Five tickets

  • Base camp improvement

Description: Decorate the base camp

Reward: Five tickets

  • First shopping trip

Description: shop at Poke Mart

Reward: Five tickets

  • Level-up training

Description: do a level up workout

Reward: Five tickets

  • PM Tickets

Description: You have received at least two tickets from the store

Reward: Ten tickets

  • Pokedex

Description: Species registered in Pokedex: 10

Reward: Five tickets

  • Get Power Stones

Description: Power Stones obtained: 10

Reward: Five tickets

  • Move-learning training

Description: do a Move-Learning workout

Reward: Five tickets

Complete the Challenges

There are also challenges you can complete to Pokemon Quest get your hands on even more free tickets.

  • Superior strength

Description: Attacks a maximum of 500

Reward: Ten tickets

  • Tenacious defence

Description: Reach a maximum of 500 HP

Reward: Ten tickets

  • Bonuses for members

Description: Receive PM tickets from Poke Mart 3 times

Reward: Five tickets

  • Tumblecube Island Chef

Description: Kitchen ten dishes

Reward: Five tickets

  • Power Stone Collector

Description: Get 30 Power Stones

Reward: Five tickets

  • Professor Pokemon

Description: register 20 species in your Pokedex

Reward: Ten tickets

  • Level-up training Master

Description: do a level up training 5 times

Reward: Five tickets

  • Move Training Master

Description: Do a Move-Learning workout 5 times

Reward: Five tickets

  • Recipes collector

Description: Collect 6 recipes

Reward: Ten tickets

  • Team strength

Description: Reach a team strength of 1,000

Reward: Ten tickets

  • Thriving field

Description: put 18 decorations in your base camp

Reward: Five tickets

  • Scattershot Stone

Description: Equip a Scattershot Stone and use one move

Reward: Five tickets

  • Broadburst Stone

Description: Equipping a Broadburst Stone and using a move

Reward: Five tickets

  • Whack-Whack Stone

Description: Equipping a Whack-Whack Stone and using a move

Reward: Five tickets

  • Wait Less Stone

Description: Equipping a Wait Less Stone and using one move

Reward: Five tickets

  • Stay Strong Stone

Description: Equip a Strong Stone and use one move

Reward: tickets at 17.00

  • Sharing Stone

Description: Equipping a Sharing Stone and using a move

Reward: Five tickets

  • 1 Bingo achieved

Description: Get a bingo

Reward: Five tickets

  • 2 bingo obtained

Description: Get a double bingo

Reward: Five tickets

  • 3 Bingo Realized

Description: Get a triple bingo

Reward: Five tickets

  • Bronze kitchen

Description: Cook with a bronze pot

Reward: Ten tickets

  • Silver kitchen

Description: Cook with a silver pot

Reward: Ten Tickets

  • Golden kitchen

Description: Cook with a pot of gold

Reward: Ten tickets

  • Power Stone Recycler

Description: Recycle a Power Stone

Reward: Five tickets

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