Pokémon OR and AS: Download Free Beldum Shiny/Chromatic

Pokemon never ceases to amaze, thanks to this simple guide you can get a Chromatic Beldum from the internet and its Mega Stone, the Metagrossite, which will allow the Mega evolution to the final version of Beldum!


PLACE: Secret gift. You can receive it ONLY with this function by connecting the console to the network from November 28th to January 14th.
HOW TO CREATE IT: After configuring the console with a connection, choose the SECRET GIFT function when starting the game. Choose to network and wait for your gift. Once unlocked, you can pick it up from the postmistress on the left in front of the counter at any Pokemon centre. BELDUM, in addition to the special chrome plating, can evolve into METANG and METAGROSS. Thanks to the METAGROSSITE that it will have with it, it will finally be able to evolve into MEGAMETAGROSS, becoming one of the most powerful Pokemon of the game.

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