Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire - Postgame Guide

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire - Postgame - Complete Solution and Guide - We are pleased to present you, the guide and the complete solution to all the secrets you will find in the postgame of the new Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire!

In this guide you can discover Hoenn's world again after you finish the main adventure and the Delta episode. Each place hides a secret to discover with new pokemons, stones, power-ups and lots of tools to become Hoenn's undisputed champion!

PLEASE NOTE: The locations that present the word RETURN, have already been addressed in the main adventure and here is just added something more to find. The others are covered for the first time in this guide with an explanation of how to tackle and reach them. Often these are new places that can only be reached once the game is completed. Remember that this guide only applies to the main adventure!


-Talk to MOM at home to receive the Latiasite to double your earnings.
-Get into Prof. Birch's lab. -Mm-hmm. To get the National Pokédex.


Use the MN SURF in the sea and explore.
-Go down and on a little island you'll be challenged by Eva and Paul, the Couple. (Beautifly LV.27 and Dustox LV.27)


You will find yourself on route 108
-You will be challenged by Matthew. -Matthew. (Lombre LV.27)
-On the bass you'll be challenged by Eliott. (Zangoose LV.26, Breloom LV.28)
-On the high ground, you will be challenged by Moira. (Seviper LV.26, Swellow LV.28)
-While you're on route 108, if you turn upwards you'll find yourself in Cyclamate.


-Once you arrive on the right you'll be challenged by Beniamino, the sailor, on a small island. (Wailmer LV.26, Machoke LV.28)
-In the water you'll be challenged by Charlie, Donut, the kid with the Donut (So that doesn't make SURF! ?) (Corphish LV.28)
-Get on the sloping ship.
EMPLOYEES: you will find the object just entered on the right, next to the scientist.
-Captain Remus has asked the scientist to look for a SCANNER. -Mm-hmm. In reality he has only the lowest room left to explore and to reach it you have to dive.
MT18 - PIOGGIADANZA: On the stairs on the right you'll find the item in a yellow Poké Ball.
-Get in the door downstairs, talk to all the little men. -Mm-hmm.
-Get in the door that opens on the right. -Mm-hmm.
-Interact with the little man wearing the bowler hat and interact with the locker.
-You'll then be challenged by Luisa and Al, Duo. (Illumise LV.29 and Volbeat LV.29)
REPELLENTE MAX: Go down the next corridor and at the end on the right, near the water, you will find the object.
Use SUB to dive into the sea ahead.
-Surface out of the water and enter the red door just to the left.
-You feel observed. Interact with the broken window. Interact with the bed.
-Then go into the first room on the right. -Mm-hmm. Interact with the bookcase on the right.
-Go around, re-emerge and interact with the little girl with the pink doughnut will give you KEY 1.

HERBACHIARA: You will find the object at the end of the corridor at the bottom near the checkouts.
-Go back to the entrance now and enter ROOM 1.
-As soon as you enter the bottom you will be challenged by Bia and Sally, the Mystery Sisters. (Kirlia LV.28 and Chingling LV.29)
SUB BALL: You will find the item in the room.
-Interact with the locker at the bottom left and you'll find KEY ROOM 2.
-Get in front of the next door, which will be ROOM 2. When you get inside, interact with all the lockers and the two little men. The little man to the left will give you KEY ROOM 6.
REVITALIZING: you will find the object next to the wall, near the little girls.
-Go now to ROOM 6, on the other side of the structure, the last room on the left you find coming out of the water.
-Go into ROOM 6, interact with all objects and enter the illuminated door.
-You'll find yourself on the outside, but on the opposite side from where you came in.
-Interact with the fisherman on the islet. Ask if he caught anything today and you'll get KEY 4.
-Then go back inside the sloping structure and enter ROOM 4 which is on the right side of the whole structure, and is the second room on the left if you come from the sea.
WAREHOUSE KEY: you will find the key in front of the bed, at the bottom left of the room.
-Get out of the facility now and head towards the little island where you spoke to the fisherman earlier. On the left you will notice a wooden door. That's the Warehouse.
-I'm gonna start a video. Inside the Pokèball you will find:
In the yellow Poké Ball, you'll find the MT13 that contains GELORAGGIO
At the bottom left where it shines you will find a BEEDRILLITE.
-Get back underwater now. If you go down the stairs on the right, you'll find something shining on the bottom. Interact with this part to find the SCANNER.
-Get the SCANNER to the scientist on the surface now. -Mm-hmm. He will ask you to take it to Captain Remus.


-Make your way to slate Port at Capt. Remus' shipyard. Captain Remus is the little man with the hat. Hand over the SCANNER to him.


-Go up and continue until you meet (who taught you SECRET FORCE) and a video will start. You'll get the MT96 that contains NATURITY. Move two boulders, then go down and you'll find a PIETRAFOCAIA in a Poké Ball, and on the right where you see it shine you'll find CHARIZARITE X.
- MT06 containing TOSSINA: Go up and you'll find this move in a yellow Poké Ball.


-One of the places to come back to after getting all the MNs is undoubtedly this strange place dominated by the Wizard of Quiz, to find out more read the Quiz Guide to the Quiz Wizard.

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