Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire: Gym Leader Guide

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire  - Guide to all gyms - We are pleased to present you, exclusively, the guide and the complete solution to the new chapters of Pokemon, the Omega version of Ruby and Sapphire Alpha!

This section of our comprehensive solution will help you tackle all the Gymnasiums in the game, helping you to cross them, fight the coaches and defeat the HEADQUARTERS to get all 8 MEDALS!

IMPORTANT: The guide is divided by city, the same you will find on the game. In each of these cities is described the PROCEDURE to reach the GYM LEADERS and the GET THE REWARD of each GYM. We tried not to insert SPOILER but in some cases it was inevitable so be careful!

RUSTBORO - Stone Medal

PROCEDURE: This is the first gym of the game, you just need to cross it normally, defeating the coaches, to reach the head of the gym.

POKEMON: Geodude LV.12, Nosepass LV.14.

FULL: If you defeat Petra, you'll receive the Stone Medal, with which you can use Cut Out from the fight, and Pokémon up to level 20 will follow your instructions on time, including those received through exchanges. You'll also receive the MT.39 - Rocket.

Bluruvia - Fist Medal

PROCEDURE: This is the second gym of the game, to cross it you will have to go up on the buttons that you will find in the central corridor so that the light is switched on in the side rooms. Study the path to take and leave the button to cross the side rooms in the dark. You'll see that it won't be difficult, you only need a couple of minutes to get through them. In addition to the rooms you will also find several trainers ready to fight with Pokemon type Fight.

POKEMON: Machop LV.14, Makuhita LV.16.

RECOMMENDATION: Defeated Rudi you will receive the Fist Medal, thanks to which it will be possible to make the Pokemon follow the instructions punctually up to level 30 including those received through exchanges. You will also receive the MT.08 - Granfisico.

Cyclamipoli - Dynamo Medal

When you enter the Gym you'll have to face Amadeo (who lines up MagnemiteLV.16, ElectrikeLV.16). All electrical devices obstructing the passage in the Gymnasium are controlled by switches. First you have to switch on the RED switch and then on the BLUE one, thus freeing the passage. Go up the stairs and you will find yourself in the second room of the gym also full of electrical devices. To continue, you will have to fight with Ben (who is in charge of ElecktrikLV.17). To clear the path, first place yourself on the BLUE UPPER device and then on the BLUE UNDER device, thus clearing the road to the left. You will now find yourself fighting against Mariangela who is deploying Medidite LV.19. To go on, position yourself on the RED switch. You will now be challenged by Shawn who lines up Voltorb LV.15 and Voltorb LV.17. To get rid of the last electric barrier, simply turn the BLUE switch in the upper right corner of the zone. Follow the path that will open to reach the stairs at the top of which you will find the Gym Master.

WALTER GYM LEADER: The man with the electrifying smile.
POKEMON: Magnemite LV.19, Magneton LV.21, Voltorb LV.19.

FURTHER: Defeat Master Gym Manager Walter and win the Dynamo Medal, which you'll use to use to use the Jigsaw out of the fight, and Pokémon up to level 40 will follow your instructions on time, including those received through exchanges. You'll also get the MT72 that contains Invertivolt -> When a Pokémon uses this move, attack the opponent and go straight back to be replaced by another Pokémon on the team.

Cuordilava - Flame Medal

PROCEDURE: Stand on the trapdoor in front of you and you will find a room full of trapdoors floating on the water. The hatches are passages that lead to other rooms where you will challenge the coaches until you reach Fiammetta.
-Go to the right hatch, where you will find the first coach to challenge. Valentino sends in Numel LV.23, Slugma LV.23.
-You're going to the hatch behind Valentino. -I'm going to the hatch behind Valentino. Walking in the water, around the hatch next to the one you came from, Antimo will appear and challenge you. Array: Koffing LV.24.
- Go to the left hatch and you will arrive in a room with 3 other hatches. Interact with the little man walking nearby, Ugo, and fight. Array: Slugma LV. 21, challenge also the little man in the back of the room, Flavia. Line up: Meditite LV.26.
-Get into the hatch next to Flavia. -Mm-hmm.
-In the next room, go around the central hatch and Flavius will appear. Array: Koffing LV.24.
- Go now to the right hatch and you will find yourself in a room with 2 hatches. Fight with Gerald. Array: Slugma LV.24, Kecleon LV. 26.
-Get in the other hatch and you'll find yourself in a room with 2 hatches. You will be challenged by Andy. Array: Numel LV.25.
-Get into the right hatch and you'll finally find yourself in the presence of Fiammetta.

POKEMON: Slugma LV. 26, Torkoal LV.26, Numel LV.26.

RECOMMENDED: Win and receive the Flame Medal. With the Flame Medal, all Pokémon up to level 50 will obey you, including those obtained by trade. You can also use the MN Strength out of the fight. You'll also get the MT50 that contains Flame. Flush is a Fire-type move that inflicts a hard blow on your opponent, but drastically reduces the Special Attack of those who use it. It is not very suitable for long fights.

Petalipoli - Harmony Medal

PROCEDURE: In this gym there is no real way to go. After you have passed all the rooms, you will still reach the Gym Master. Below is the route chosen by us.

-From the left door you access the Hall of Speed and from the right door you access the Hall of Precision. The name of the room is written on the door. Think carefully and make your choice. Once you have chosen the door, the challenge begins.
-Speed Room: In the room you will find yourself challenging Bruno -> Array: Delcatty LV.28. Proceed to the next room, where the next challenge awaits you.

-On the left is the Zero Discount Room and on the right is the Defense Room.
-Sala Zero Discounts: In the Hall you will find yourself to challenge Carlo -> Array: Linoone LV.28.

-Now you must have the Hall of Forces.
-Sala della Forza: In the Hall you will find yourself challenging Delia -> Array: Zangoose LV.28. The Master Gymnast, your father, awaits you.

POKEMON: Slaking LV.28, Vigoroth LV.28, Slaking LV.30.

RECOMMENDATION: You win and you will receive the Harmony Medal from Dad. If you've acquired this Medal, Pokémon up to level 60 will follow all your instructions to the letter, even if you got them through exchanges. Also, if you have Pokémon that know the Surf move, you can use it to move on the water surface. The Gym Manager will also give you the MT67 that contains Nemesis. This move will allow you to avenge a Pokémon that has been knocked out. In fact, if you use it after a Pokémon has been knocked out, its power doubles.

Forestopoli - Feather Medal

PROCEDURE: Pass both the first and the second revolving door and you will be challenged by Gerolamo. Array: Swellow LV.30, Skarmony LV.30.
-Follow and interact with the little man wearing the celestial hat, Micaela. Array: Swablu LV.31.
-Push the revolving door and you'll open the passage. Go around to continue the route.
-Get up the stairs and don't come down, otherwise you'll go back to the entrance of the Gym. Instead go up the stairs, pass the revolving door and you will fight with the little man with the heavenly hat, Tim. Array: Doduo LV.28, Pelipper LV.30.
-You follow and you will be challenged by Renzo, a member of the Gym. Array: Dodrio LV.32.
-Don't go downstairs, otherwise you'll find yourself downstairs. Instead, go to the top right of the revolving door at the bottom. You will be challenged by a winged Pokémon coach, Ale. Array: Pelipper LV.32.
-Cross the two-leafed door now, then position yourself near the three-leafed door from the right and push to the left and then upwards freeing the passage to continue the conquest of the Gym.
-Go up the stairs and you'll find Gym Master Alice.


POKEMON: Swellow LV.33, Altaria LV.35, Skarmory LV.33, Pelipper LV 34.

FILL: Win and you will receive the Feather Medal. With this Medal, all Pokémon up to level 70 will obey your every command, even those received through exchanges. You can also use the Flight out move. Alice will also give you the MT19 that contains Perch. With this move, the Pokémon who use it will go down to the ground and rest and recover half the maximum PS, but be careful as they lose the Flying Type for that turn.
To exit the gym, go down the stairs and pass the revolving door in front of you. Continue down two steps until you reach the entrance to the Gymnasium.

Verdeazzupoli - Medaglia Mente

PROCEDURE: To proceed in this Gym you will need to activate the exact light trails. Climb the central route and you will be automatically transported by Alexander. (Kadabra LV.42)
After defeating him, activate the Stone and return to the first platform with the light trail below.
Take the central light trail that will take you to Fortunato this time. (Kadabra LV.40, Medicham LV. 40)
Activate the Stone and go in the right luminous wake to meet Fabrizio. (Claydol LV.39, Starmie LV. 41)
Activate the Stone and head to the bright left trail next to the coach you just defeated. You will come to challenge Amalia. (Chimecho LV.41)
Activate the Stone and use the light trail at the bottom left to return to the first platform where you fought. Use the light trail at the bottom to return to the beginning of the Gym.
Now use the central trail and you'll reach the gymnastics.


POKEMON: Lunatone LV. 45 and Solrock LV.45

Win against the two gymnastics and you will get the MIND MEDAL. With this medal, your Pokémon will promptly follow your instructions up to level 80, even Pokémon obtained from trades. This medal also allows you to use the Sub move out of the fight. You'll also get the MT04 that contains CALMALLY. It intensifies concentration by allowing you to increase the special attack and special defense of the Pokémon using it.

Ceneride - Rain Medal

PROCEDURE: Climb the stairs and be careful: to make the next stairs appear you have to break all the ice tiles by walking on them only once. This first platform is very easy to overcome especially because thanks to the analog you can walk diagonally.
To activate the next stairs you will have to use the procedure described above but with the help of the central platform. Activate first the two rows at the bottom, then the rows at the sides of the central platform and then the rows at the top, in order to find yourself precisely in front of the stairs when they appear.
On the left you will be challenged by Marisa. (Azumarill LV.43)
On the right you will be challenged by Susanna. (Luvdisc LV. 39, Seadra LV.41)
Using the procedures of the previous platforms, circumnavigate the left platform from LEFT and return to the beginning from the aisle that separates it from the center platform. Use the center platform to repeat the same procedure on the RIGHT platform. If you have followed everything correctly, you will find yourself on the central platform with only 6 squares in front of the stairs. Activate them to reach the Gym Manager.


Antonietta in water. (Ludicolo LV.42)
Clelia. (Golduck LV.41, Wailord LV.41)
Stefania. (Gorebyss LV.43)
On the stairs you'll meet Daniela. (Huntail LV.43)
Cristina. (Clamperl LV.41, Corsola LV.41)
Mirka. (Starmie LV.43)

POKEMON: Luvdisc LV.44, Milotic LV.46, Sealeo LV.44, Whiscash LV.44, Seaking LV.44.

PROCEDURE: Defeat Adriano Gym Manager and you'll get the RAIN MEDAL. With this medal, all your Pokémon will obey you. You will also receive the LV05 DROPED.

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