Pokémon Magikarp Jump - Tips and Tricks Complete Guide

Pokémon Magikarp Jump came out a couple of weeks ago on mobile, both iOS and Android.

I have to admit that when I learned the news my expectations were not high: it was predictable that it would be released from the traditional Pokemon saga and since it's a mobile game it certainly could not have achieved remarkable performance. At least that's what I thought, but in reality, perhaps this lack of expectations has made the time spent on this title interesting and after fifteen days I still dedicate time to it every day.

The game incorporates the classic features that distinguish mobile titles, such as limited lives, in-app purchases, various power-ups, short uplevel times, unlockable objectives, but adds a component that they love: Pokemon. Yeah, not a single Pokemon, many people think that since it is a title dedicated to the useless Magikarp, can be boring and monothematic, in fact during Magikarp Jump make their apparatus, and then remain, numerous Pokemon that can both help and hinder you in your adventure.

Let the adventure begin

Magikarp Jump is set in the town of Saltellopoli, where Mayor Karp will ask you to take part in the 8 Leagues with a Magikarp trained by you, in order to bring back lustre to the town and motivate the Magikarp who have lost the will to jump. The 8 Leagues are nothing but jumping competitions dedicated to Magikarp, the pokemon who can't fight. Here begins your adventure as a coach.

In Magikarp Jump, the pokemon fish can have different reasons.

Your main tasks within Magikarp Jump will be:

  • Let your Magikarp exercise with the exercises that will be made available depending on level
  • Feed your Pokemon to increase its Jumping Power (PM)
  • Participate in the races of the various Leagues and grow as coaches.

During this adventure you'll have friends who will help you in your task - some will be purchased from the store, others will be unlocked by winning Leagues, others will come as a result of random events - and enemies who will hinder you - demotivating, kidnapping or incapacitating your Magikarp. You can also buy items to decorate the aquarium and facilitate the growth of your level and your Pokemon or earn them during the game.

Level Up Training

Especially at the beginning of Magikarp Jump I recommend you to buy through coins the various level ups of the Sand Bag in order to get immediately a higher number of PMs after training.

The types of training available in Magikarp Jump

As you level up as a coach, more and more trainings will be available for you to upgrade: remember that when a training is activated, the choice of type cannot be made by the player, but happens randomly.

Workouts that produce lower PMs occur more frequently, so it is a good idea to make a reasoned upgrade of all types of workouts and not just those that return more PMs.

Every time you bring a Training to level 25 you will receive a free Pokebonbon.

Bringing Food Up to the Level

As with Workouts, a level up is also possible for the berries used to feed Magikarp.

There are many varieties of berries in Magikarp Jump

The dynamics are the same as above:

With Manaphy, food is guaranteed!
  • Higher levels : more PMs earned every time your Magikarp eats a berry
  • Berries with lower PM are thrown into the aquarium with a higher frequency
  • Every time you reach level 25 of a food, you receive a Pokebonbon as a gift.

Every now and then a Manaphy will come to the aquarium and invite you a lot of Pokemon that will bring you a lot of food as a gift to help you grow up PM

Use all training points

Come on, Magikarp!

Make sure you use all the training energy available, especially if you are about to level up as a coach: at every level up as a coach the energy is regenerated and therefore the unused energy will be wasted.

Complete the Goals

There are a myriad of goals to complete in Magikarp Jump

Click on the Menu button and open the Goals tab: from here you can see any rewards obtained and redeem the rewards, mainly diamonds, coins,

Each goal has a maximum of five levels and the simplest ones are reached at the beginning of the game. The rewards will help you to continue your adventure in Magikarp Jump faster.

Use the Decorations

After completing the Friend League, Mayor Karp will give you your first decoration. Be sure to put it in your aquarium right away to increase your maximum number of food by 1.

Also buying more decorations from the Diamond Shop will help Magikarp to receive more bonuses and grow.

Attention to Special Events

Pidgeotto is just one of the enemies in Magikarp Jump.

During some events you are given the opportunity to choose how to behave, this choice can guarantee your team a huge benefit or cause a misfortune, until the loss of the Pokemon. Be careful though, because the choice you make will not always bring the same result.

Save your Diamonds

Many of the bonus items in the Magikarp Jump Diamond Shop are quite expensive and since earning diamonds takes time, we recommend that you prioritize your purchases. Friendship items are particularly useful, but they cost more in general than decorations. If you are not sure what bonuses you want to receive from the decorations, prioritize the help of other Pokemon. Some friends will come directly after winning the Leagues and at no extra cost, among them are Pikachu, Piplup, Meowth and Bulbasaur, otherwise they are only available on purchase. The same goes for the decorations.

Check the Stores after Level up

Once you have upgraded to Level as a Coach, always check the stores. As you reach certain levels, new Training, Food, Friends and Decorations are made available.

Pay attention to your Magikarp's Personal Levels

Each Magikarp will have its own personal bonus.

Each Magikarp you capture has its own individual bonus. These bonuses can increase the PMs from training, events or food or even increase the amount of coins received during the various activities. During your training you spend time studying the best combinations to get the most out of each Magikarp's personal bonuses, even when combined with decorations.

BONUS TIP: How to evolve Magikarp into Garydos

Although having a Garydos in a game of Magikarp races is totally useless, maybe you'll want to try the breeze to evolve your Pokemon. Here's how to do it.

By evolving a Gold Magikarp, you'll get a Red Gyarados!

Quickly press your finger on Magikarp until the words 'The Stonewall is broken' appear; then you will have to feed and train your Magikarp until it levelens up. Then the magic will happen! Magikarp will evolve, but will be forced to leave the competition.

Hoping we've been helpful, we wish you Happy Fishing with Pokémon Magikarp Jump!

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