Pokémon Let's Go | Guide: Where to Find All TMs

Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Evee are now available for our Nintendo Switches, if you have chosen to become a pokémon coach once again you will surely be looking for the Technical Machines (TM) that allow you to teach very powerful moves and skills to your pokémon. There are 60 technical machines available in the game and in this TM guide we will show you Pokémon Let’s Go where to find them all!

N.B. If you are nostalgic fans of the saga and you want to find also the Hidden Machines (MN), so useful in the first episodes, remember that they have been replaced by the Secret Techniques.

Pokemon Let's Go TM: The location of all TM of the game



TM01 BottintestaPlumbeopolis, defeat Brook
TM02 ProvocationCinnamon Island, from the scientist to the counter in the Pokémon Lab
TM03 AltruismAzzurropoli, talk to the janitor on the second floor of the department store.
TM04 TeleportationLavandonia Pokémon Tower, Fourth Floor
TM05 RestAzzurropoli, second floor of the Rocket Refuge
TM06 ShieldAzzurropoli Grandi Magazzini, donate Fresh Water to the girl
TM07 ProtectionAzzurropoli Grandi Magazzini, donate Lemonsucco to the girl
TM08 SubstituteSaffronopolis, show Clefairy to the Copycat.
TM09 ReflectionAzzurropoli Grandi Magazzini, donate the Gassosa to the girl
TM10 PitCelestopolis, defeat the recruit near the damaged house
TM11 Fire FatuoEmerald City, release the man behind the bush (you'll need Fendente)
TM012 FacadeRoute 7, defeat Coach
TM013 BrecciaRoute 10, near the entrance to the rock tunnel
TM014 FlightRoute 16, you will receive it from the girl in the house to the north (you will need Fendente)
TM015 Seismic MovementRoute 25, defeat Coach.
TM016 ThunderRoute 25, behind the bush at the end of the route (you will need Fendente)
TM017 CodadragoAzzurrpoli Grandi Magazzini
TM018 ReverseAzzurropolis department stores
TM019 TailsAzure Metropolis Department Store
TM020 NeropulsarAzzurropoli, on the third floor of the Rocket Refuge
TM021 RipiccaCinnamon Island Villa Pokemon, defeat Coach on the second floor
TM22 LandslideCinnamon Island Villa Pokemon, on the third floor in the upper right room
TM23 ThunderfistSaffronopolis, defeat Coach at the Dojo Lotta
TM24 X ScissorSouth Route, on a small island to the south (serves Water Slide)
TM25 WaterfallAzzurropolis department stores
TM26 VelenpunctureAzzurropoli, donated by the old man behind the waterfall South Route, on a small island to the south (serves Water Slide)
TM27 ToxinFuchsiapolis, defeat Koga.
TM28 TripletAzzurropolis department stores
TM29 Water blastCelestial City, defeat Misty
TM30 GranphysicistAzzurropolis department stores
TM31 FireRoute 15, defeat the Coach (Servant Slash)
TM32 MagibrillioRoute 12, talk to the man in the house south of Snorlax
TM33 CalmlySaffronopolis, defeat Sabrina.
TM34 DragopulsarZefferanopoli, go up to the seventh floor of Sliph Spa (you need the key)
TM35 GelopugnoRoute 21, defeat Coach
TM36 LightningOrangeville defeat LT. Surge
TM37 FlamethrowerZefferanopoli tenth floor of the Sliph Spa, lower left room
TM38 ThunderPower plant, south by the barrels
TM39 OutrageVia Vittoria, defeat Coach on the third floor.
TM40 PsychicSaffronopolis, talk to the man in the southeast house.
TM41 EarthquakeEmerald City, defeat John
TM42 Self DestructionSaffronopolis second floor Sliph Spa, top left room
TM43 Shadow BallAzzurropolis department stores
TM44 CarineriaAzzuropoli, access the office on the roof of Game Freak's building through the back of the building.
TM45 SolarraggioVia Vittoria, south west of the Black Belt on the second floor
TM46 FirebombCinnamon Island, defeat Blaine
TM47 SurfingRoute 15, top left
TM48 Hyper RadiusAzzurropolis department stores
TM49 OverstrengthVia Vittoria second floor, south east of the Juggler
TM50 PerchRoute 12, talk to the girl on the top floor of the portal
TM51 BoraVia Vittoria third floor, next to Officer Jenny.
TM52 MudbombVilla Pokemon Island Cinnamon Island, on the first floor of the basement in the central room below
TM53 MegabsorptionAzzurropolis, defeat Erika
TM54 CannonflashZafferanopoli Silph Spa fifth floor, lower left room
TM55 GeloraggioSpumarine Islands, underground, second floor south
TM56 LevitorocciaVia Vittoria first floor, raised area
TM57 DaypagaRoute 4, defeat Coach
TM58 Screw turnRoute 17, defeat Coach
TM59 Dream EatersRoute 12, defeat Coach
TM60 MegacornCelestopolis, defeat Coach

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