Pokemon GO - Raid Passes Guide for the Game

Like all users of Pokemon GO Surely they will know, Raids are events in which the most experienced players have the opportunity to test their skills. This type of events can be found in practically every place in the world, and real groups of coaches will be asked to defeat bosses, among which we can find both Pokemon definitely stronger and Legendary Pokemon. It goes without saying that each of these events will be different from the others and will require, of course, a different Pokemon team to ensure victory. The purpose of this guide is to collect a whole series of tips to defeat the various Raid bosses, listing all their weak points and suggesting the best strategies to beat them. We remind our readers that the guide is constantly updated, so come back and visit us often.

Pokemon GO How to get a Raid Pass

In order to access the Raid matches, coaches must first reach level 10. After having done the above, you will need to meet another requirement: the Raid Pass, which is essential to unlock this type of match. You can get one simply by going to a Gym and rotating its icon. In this way, however, you won't have more than one Raid Pass in your inventory at a time, but you can always buy more at a cost of 100 PokeCoins each.

Pokemon GO : what are EX Raids and how to participate

It looks like Niantic is planning to introduce a new type of Raid, called EX Raids. These are the events previously known as Exclusive Raid Battles and, by participating in them, it was possible for players to capture some of the rarest Pokemon in the app, including, for example, the coveted Mewtwo. The only drawback is that, unlike normal Raids, it will only be possible to take part by invitation through the EX Raid Pass. To obtain this exclusive entry ticket, you will need to meet certain requirements:

  • getting a Gold Gym Badge at the location where the EX Raid is being held;
  • recently won a Gym Raid in a Gymnasium;
  • have already completed a substantial number of raids;

To fight against Mewtwo and have the chance to meet Shiny Mewtwo in Pokemon GO , you will need access to an EX Raid Battle, which will be available by invitation only. To get an invitation to an Exclusive Raid Battle, you will need to follow the same method explained above.

Pokemon GO How to defeat the Raid Bosses

Here are all the bosses that we encountered in the various raids, with their relative weaknesses.

In the following list, we have tried to collect all the information in our possession about the Bosses, divided into Tier, present in the various Raids. Despite the categories present here, for reasons unknown to us, it will be possible that you will meet the various bosses also in different Tier. Here you are, then, all the Pokemon we met and their relative weaknesses.

Boss Tier 1

  • Bayleaf
    • Weakness: Fire
  • Croconaw
    • Weakness: Electro, Grass
  • Magikarp
    • Weakness: Electro, Grass
  • Quilava
    • Weakness: Rock, Water
  • Metapod
    • Weakness: any element
  • Ivysaur
    • Weakness: Fire, Ice
  • Charmeleon
    • Weakness: Water, Earth
  • Wartortle
    • Weakness: Electro, Grass
  • Wailmer
    • Weakness: Grass

Boss Tier 2

  • Electrabuzz
    • Weakness: Earth
  • Exeggutor
    • Weakness: Fire, Beetle, Ghost
  • Magmar
    • Weakness: Rock, Water
  • Muka
    • Weakness: Psycho, Earth
  • Weezing
    • Weakness: Psychic, Earth

Boss Tier 3

  • Alakazam
    • Weakness: Shadow, Spectrum
  • Arcanine
    • Weakness: Earth, Water
  • Flareon
    • Weakness: Earth, Water
  • Gengar
    • Weakness: Shadow, Ghost.
  • Jolteon
    • Weakness: Earth
  • Machamp
    • Weakness: Psycho
  • Vaporeon
    • Weakness: Electro, Grass

Boss Tier 4

  • Blastoise
    • Weaknesses: Electro, Grass
  • Charizard
    • Weakness: Earth, Water
  • Lapras
    • Weakness: Electro, Fighting, Grass
  • Quilava
    • Weakness: Rock, Water
  • Rhydon
    • Weakness: Fighting
  • Snorlax
    • Weakness: Fighting
  • Tyranitar
    • Weakness: Lottag
  • Venosaur
    • Weakness: Fire, Psycho

Boss Tier 5

  • Article
    • Weakness: Fire, Earth
  • Moltress
    • Weakness: Earth, Water
  • Zapdos
    • Weakness: Earth
  • Lugia
    • Weakness: Electro, Ice
  • Mewtwo
    • Weakness: Ghost, Psycho
  • Raikou
    • Weakness: Earth, Grass
  • Entei
    • Weakness: Earth, Rock, Water
  • Suicane
    • Weakness: Electro, Grass
  • Groundon
    • Weakness: Ice
  • Kyogre
    • Weakness: Electro, Grass
  • Rayquaza
    • Weakness: Dragon, Ice
  • Regice
    • Weakness: Ice

How to beat the Raid Bosses of Pokemon GO

If you can complete a raid, you will have access to many useful rewards.

In order to bring home victory, you'll need to assemble your Pokemon team based on the weaknesses of the Boss you're facing in the Raid. There's no reason to take any unnecessary Pokemon with you in this regard. You also prefer the Pokemon that have the strongest loaded attacks, as these are the attacks that you will use the most against the Bosses. The Bosses that you will meet during the Raids will usually have a value of CP almost ten times higher than the normal Pokemon Raid Bosses. For this reason, defeating a Boss could take a lot of time.

Remember to dodge! As soon as you see a flash, slide to one side or another to avoid the Boss' attacks. Raid Passes can be earned by fighting in a gym, and you can only hold one Raid Pass at a time. Once used, a Raid Pass will give you access to a Raid for the time it takes place.

Rewards obtained from the completion of the Raids

From the point of view of the rewards obtained, you can be sure: the Raids are definitely worth all the time you will spend to complete them. Below, we'll list all the rewards that await you if you manage to beat the various Bosses:

  • Rare Candy
  • Golden Razz Berries
  • TMs
  • 3000 XP Trainer for Standard Raid
  • 20,000 XP for Legendary Raid
  • Stardust
  • 1000 Gym Badge XP

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