Pokémon Go : Pokémon Legendary Rare and Epic - List

Pokemon Go : Rare and Epic Pokemon Legendaries - Names and List - Pokemon Go : the complete classification of the Rare Pokemon Legendaries or the most RARE ones to find. Below you can find a table with all the names of the first generation pokemon present inside Pokemon Go divided by type of rarity. The pokemon are divided by type: you can see the Pokemon Very Common, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, Special, Epic and Legendary. In particular the Legendary Pokemon currently are: Ditto, Articuno, Zapdos, Molters, MewTwo, Mew. ->N.B there are not yet available Legendary Pokemon in . They will be soon (we expect an event from Niantic to sanction this launch), but for now they are not yet available. With the first update of the app, the number of Pokemon that you can find on the streets has increased, both in quantity and variety. UPDATE: From the source code of the app it has been discovered that the Legendary Pokemon (remember not yet available) do not have the "catch rate". This Capture Rate is nothing but the probability that you have to capture a pokemon every time you meet it, clearly it's not public information but the algorithm on which the system is based while you play. Now the fact that LEGENDARY POKEMONS DO NOT HAVE this kind of information can only mean two things: either they still have to be inserted in the code (unlikely) or to capture them it will take a "group" effort, so more people together and not alone. Moreover the POKEMON MEW has been inserted in a separate category or "POKEMON EPIC" so it's absolutely unpredictable how it will be possible to capture it and when. We'll see as soon as Niantic will release an update able to unlock the Legendary Pokemon and MEW Pokemon EPIC in the game.

WARNING: For now it hasn't been confirmed but for some days there are rumors that there are some Pokemon that can only be captured in some areas of the planet. They are called Pokemon Region Exclusive and it would be Taurosper can only be found in North America - Mr. Mime can only be captured in Europe - Kangaskhan only in Australia and Farfetch'd in Asia. We are waiting for confirmation of the truthfulness of this information, let us know if you find something too!

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