Pokémon Go - November Missions and Rewards Guide

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Su Pokémon Go you will always have to stay up to date with the missions to be carried out and with this guide you can give a look at the November missions.

We must first distinguish between two types of mission: Field Research and Special Searches

Le Field research are entrusted through Pokéstop, are random and the rewards vary from month to month. Carry out these missions may grant unique rewards to players and may vary over time.

La Special searches are a series of missions scheduled by Professor Willow which will lead players to capture unique pokémon. We will examine in this guide every mission in detail.

Field Research and their rewards

Field Research of missions that are entrusted by PokéStop. One is entrusted every day single mission from each PokéStop and although you can complete it more than once a day, you can only do that.

Le rewards vary depending on the mission you complete. You will have to perform at least one mission a day to be able to advance in the search.

Le Field Research allow players to be able to experience all aspects of the game. It may happen that you have to fight in a RAID, face a gym, hatch eggs pokémon, catch certain types of pokémon and even spin Pokéstops.


Sometimes a mission might reward the player with objects, other times through an encounter with a rare pokémon.

For example catch one Spinda it is only possible by completing the Field Research. I pokémon encountered in this way they will not be able to escape, so it is essential to complete these missions.

Rewards change every month while maintaining the same mission. November 2019 is the month dedicated to new legendary pokémon: Kyogre and Groudon and you will be given a chance to enrich the Pokédex with three legendary birds: Moltres, Zapdos e Articuno.

Special Researches and their rewards

As you can see in the field mission table of Pokémon Go, can be accumulated up to one maximum of seven stamps. You will earn one postage stamp per day while completing the mission several times, so you can complete the table within a week.

Once the table is completed you will receive a reward from Professor Willow, which varies every month. You will have the opportunity to to be able to face a rare pokémon, if not even legendary.

You will have unlimited attempts to be able to catch it, since pokémon met in this way they cannot escape.

Pokémon caught in this way will have very high stats, such as those that can be captured in raids. Completing missions is a great way to have a chance to capture unique pokémon.

In November month you will have the opportunity to capture the three legendary birds e i due pokémon Hoen mascot. You will be able to capture Groudon on Kyogre, or one of Zapdon, Moltres or Articuno. If you're lucky, you might even find one of theirs shiny version.

In addition to the capture of legendary pokémon, you will earn well 2000 stardust, 3000 experience points and a unique item, including the Sinnoh Stone.

All Pokémon Go missions and rewards

Each month they are generated different missions e rewards. Here are the missions that you will find in your field research list in August 2019, but remember that the rewards will be given in full random from the game.

Missions and rewards

Capture missions and their rewards

Missions on launches and rewards

Evolution of pokémon and rewards

Egg quests and rewards

Team Rocket events and rewards

Within the game you will have to deal with the mysterious appearance of the Team Rocket, bringing with him Shadow Pokemon and Purified Pokemon.

Here is a list of special missions related to Team Rocket:

An awkward situation # 1

  • Evolve 2 Pokémon - Murkrow Encounter
  • Upgrade a Pokémon 5 times - Encounter with Sableye
  • Completely quest rewards - 2000 points and experience and 1000 star dust

An awkward situation # 2

  • Capture two shadow pokémon - Ekans encounter
  • Defeat 3 Team Rocket henchmen - Encounter with Koffing
  • Quest Completion Rewards - 2000 XP, 5 Golden Raspberries and 2000 Stardust

An awkward situation # 3

  • Purify 3 shadow pokémon - 3000 star dust
  • Purify fire, water or grass pokémon - 3000 experience points
  • Quest Completion Rewards - 5 Silver Baccananas, 2000 Stardust and 1 Rare Candy

An awkward situation # 4

  • Free competition - 2000 stardust and 1000 experience points
  • Quest Completion Rewards - 1 Quick Attack, 1 Charged Attack, and 3 Rare Candies

Special Missions in Pokémon Go: A Brief Introduction

Within the game they have been introduced special missions and they are very simple to understand. special missions sare similar to a "story mode": Fixed missions and fixed rewards. Each mission consists of three stages that you will have to complete to unlock the final reward.

The first special mission is "A mysterious discovery”And gives the players the opportunity to be able get Mew, the 151st pokémon, and Celebthe. Being able to obtain them requires the successful completion of various missions, from fighting gyms to facing rare Pokémon.

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