Pokémon Go, Nintendo’s Magic Returns

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Almost 20 years ago there appeared an animated series in which Ash Ketchum, a young palette village coach, began his journey to be the best coach of Pokémons along with his inseparable Pikachu. Since it appeared in Japan in 1996 and so in Spain since 1999, many video games of Pokémon have been created and that in their day caused really furor. Every Nintendo portable platform has had a few Pokémon games and has undoubtedly become a very important franchise for the great Nippon.

What's New in Pokémon GO

To tell the truth, all Pok√©mon games have been updated in graphics and improving their playability towards a more fluid form but really the bases of the game have not been innovated too much. All this has changed recently with Pok√©mon GO. We are talking about a game that breaks the foundations of everything we had considered normal and, honestly, could not come at the best time. At a time when virtual reality is booming, Nintendo was approached with the idea of implementing the same thing, free of charge and on mobile devices, devices that you can travel with and leave your home and that we always carry around with us. What is the result? The combination of more mobile virtual reality has created a great success and will undoubtedly change the course of the great Nintendo and many games in general, undoubtedly a great start in the mobile world, after its previous success Miitomo, especially in Japan, and has had much impact on both facebook and twitter. In Pok√©mon GO, the player will have to decide which name he identifies with and a pok√©mon to start with, but importantly, in this game you‚ā¨?ll never have to fight a pok√©mon to capture it. Some pok√©mons will be more difficult to capture, others easier; it will depend on whether the circle that surrounds them is red or green but, in short, they have to be searched for, we have to see the world. That's the big news in this delivery. You are not playing at home, you are not in front of a screen; you are in front of an alternative world to the one we see in reality through the screen of our mobile, an augmented reality. There will not always be the same pok√©mons everywhere, although you have to keep in mind that there are more than 19 different types of pok√ɬ©mons: depending on which habitat we are in we will find one type or another. For example, if we go to the beach, we will find pok√©mons that are water type. These pok√©mons appear thanks to an algorithm in which geographical markers are used to determine which type will be in a particular area.

Pokeparadas and gyms in POKEMON GO

Likewise, once we have pokémons, we can have the opportunity to have the power of the gyms. There will be gyms in which we can simply train depending on the color of the team we are: red, blue or yellow. The gyms will be the only places where we will be able to fight with our pokemons. We can evolve them based on some powders but we can also get gifts and things to improve your pokémons based on pokémonedas, the money of the game with which you can buy improvements for your pokémons. To recharge pokeballs that will be spent as you capture pokémons, you can recharge them at certain points in the city, the so-called poképaradas.

Global impact of POKÃMON GO

One of the things to keep in mind for this Pok√©mon GO is that you need to be permanently connected to the Internet if you want to get new pok√©mons and want to be notified when a pok√©mon is nearby. In addition, with the short time it has been in the market is already reaching levels such as Candy Crush. Let‚ā¨?s remember that it‚ā¨?s not available in all countries and that during the first days Nintendo‚ā¨?s servers were down because of the large number of people who had access to the application. As of today, it is one of the applications that gets more connection time between users and with more active users daily. It is also a game that is continually being shared screenshots on facebook, twitter and other social networks. The fury with Pok√©mon GO can increase, not only because it has not yet reached all countries but the application will grow in content. For now, we only have the first generation of pok√©mons, about 150, but today there are about 700 in the series. We have no doubt that more and more pok√©mons will be implemented and there will be more variety to compete with.

Pokémon GO has revalued Nintendo

Nintendo has done magic again, has innovated again in the world of video games and how they relate to the human being. Pok√©mon GO will be a great precedent for what's to come, but it will certainly come in handy for Nintendo after being camouflaged in the midst of a war between Sony and Microsoft. The hit on the table has been given this time by Nintendo and it will be something that the competition will study unceasingly. The fact that Nintendo shares have gone up by more than 50% and have already won some $10 billion is not something to be taken lightly. We could ask ourselves many questions such as whether from now on Nintendo will release a new laptop to the market or will remain in mobile devices after the resounding success that has been pokemon GO or if the concept of Nintendo NX will vary following the success of this issue and the case is that we are in a very important year for the big Kyoto. Let‚ā¨?s think that Nintendo has risen drastically on the stock market and that this is its biggest increase since 1983: the company hasn‚ā¨?t had such a big success in a long time and this can change a lot about the future of the company. Nintendo means innovation and a different product or game than the one we're used to. Nintendo is not about graphic power for a long time but about playability and fun and has demonstrated it with other great Nintendo consoles such as Wii, a console that brought video games closer to a more familiar and conventional audience at the same time as Nintendo DS, with a huge catalogue and that was the leap to touch screens in the deepest video games. This time with Pokemon GO, a single application but never seen before, an application that does not surprise by its raw power but by an approximation, once again, of the video game to real life. The game is totally free but if you want to get according to which objects to improve your pok√©mons, you will need pokemonedas that are bought with real money. In this case Gums Up offers you the possibility to get free pokecoins.

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