Pokémon Go - How to prepare for February Community Day

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Pokémon Go Community Day is about to return to the Niantic app. In anticipation of this, we at have decided to create a guide that will allow you to face the event properly.

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What is Pokémon Go Community Day

Community Day is a monthly Pokémon Go event lasting three hours. During this time, players will have the ability to more easily find certain species, Higher XP, More Stardust and finally a greater amount of Esca modules.

In addition to all this, during Community Day, players will have the opportunity to obtain the winning Pokémon of the voting phase, which will be exclusive to the event and will have a unique special move.

Below we leave you the candidates of the Pokémon Community Day in February:

  • vulpix (normal and Alola for Raids) with the exclusive move Climate Ball.
  • Machop with the exclusive move Revenge.
  • Rhyhorn with the exclusive move Rock Wrecker.
  • Dratini with the exclusive move Too strong.

How to vote for the candidate Pokémon and better face the event

From '1 to 2 February players will be able to vote for one of the four Pokémon previously described by completing a field research dedicated to catching 20 Pokémon.

The deadline for voting will be on February 3 and the winner will be announced immediately.

The main event will be held Saturday 22 and you will be able to capture the winner of the vote in both normal and shiny versions.

The exclusive Pokémon capture window, as mentioned above, will be three hours. To increase your chances, we invite you to make theGlacial Lure,Magnetic Bait and l 'Muscular Lure, in order to increase the possibility of making the special Pokémon appear.

When the day of the event arrives, we advise you to look for two Pokéstops not far from each other and place the bait module you need inside them.

Once this is done, start to go back and forth between the two Pokéstop, thus increasing the chances of farming the special Pokémon while also having the security of not running out of Berries or Pokè Ball.

In addition, we recommend that you farm Eggs in advance in order to take advantage of the day's hatching bonus. You may also need various Ultra Balls and Candies that you will need to evolve the exclusive Pokémon and thus obtain its unique move.

Finally we leave you the details for now known of the Community Day:

  • Special Pokémon: The winner will be revealed on February 3rd.
  • Date of the event : Saturday 22 February 2020.
  • Schedule: From 11:00 to 14:00.
  • 1 Bonus: 3x Stardust
  • 2 Bonus: The baits last 3 hours

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