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    Pokèmon GO: How to beat Tornado with the best counters

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    How to beat Tornado

    Tornado is quite unique in the Legendary Pokémon set. This floating green beast is a pure flying type Pokèmon, which means rock, electricity, and ice are all viable counter types. This means that you should already have a few great options at your disposal, as these are good counters against many other legendary creatures. But which are the best to use? Here are the best counters against Tornado, along with their ideal moveset.

    Raikou – Thunder Shock et Wild Charge
    Charkos – Smack Down et Rock Slide
    Magnézone – Spark et Wild Charge
    Électhor – Thunder Shock et Thunderbolt
    Terracion - Smack Down et Rock Slide
    Élekable – Thunder Shock et Wild Charge
    Mammochon - Powder snow and avalanche

    Tyranitar with Smack Down and Stone Edge and Frosty with Frost Breath and Avalanche are also great options. And the weather can always be a big factor to keep in mind. Windy weather will fuel Tornado, making it more difficult to manage but also more valuable to catch. Check the current weather to see if your counters will be increased. Snow, rain, and partly cloudy should increase your ice, electricity, and rock meters respectively.

    How many trainers does it take to beat Tornado

    In a normal, non-weather-boosted state, Tornado can be defeated by three high-level trainers, if they follow the above counter-tips. With the weather and a best friend bonus on your side, you might be able to beat him with just two trainers in total, but it will still be tough. Under the usual circumstances of random weather and different CP levels and ranges, you will probably want to have five or more trainers.

    This is how to beat Tornado with the best Pokèmon GO counters.


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