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Among the big news added to Pokémon Go in 2020 is the introduction of evolutions through exchange. This feature, present in the games of the main series from the beginning, in Pokémon Go was initially replaced by the candies used for the other evolutions.

However, they do present some differences from the original mechanics, and coupled with the restrictions imposed on trade in general, can cause some confusion. For this reason we at Binfogamer.com have decided to write a complete guide on their operation.

How the exchange works

This feature was added back in 2018, and allows two players to swap two Pokémon they have captured if all conditions are met.

In fact the exchange can only take place if all these prerequisites are satisfied:

  • Both players must register each other in the friends list
  • Both players must be at least level 10
  • The two players must be less than 100 meters apart
  • Both players must have enough Stardust

Once you are sure that you meet all the conditions, just select the person with whom you want to make the exchange from your friends list, choose which Pokémon to send, check which one you will receive and confirm.

The amount of Stardust needed varies based on various factors, which depend on the level of friendship of the two players and the species of Pokémon received, as you can see from the following table.

Also you cannot make exchanges that involve Legendary or Shiny Pokémon more than once a day. The reset takes place at midnight of the Greenwich Meridian, or one in the morning according to the Italian time.

As you can see, however, there is no particular limitation for regional oi forms Pokémon exclusive to some region of the world, which you can find listed in our other guide.

Exchanges also have different consequences on Pokémon and players involved:

  • Both players they will receive a number of candies which depends on the distance between the places where the two Pok√©mon were caught. You will receive 1 candy if it is less than 30km, 2 candy if it is between 30 and 100km, and 3 candy if it is over 100km.
  • Pok√©mon HP and PCs after the trade they will be different, but the moves and dimensions will remain the same. Depending on the level of friendship between the players, the difference will be less and less, and it will always be possible to see how they will change before accepting the trade.
  • A traded Pok√©mon it can never be exchanged again to other players.
  • Mythical Pok√©mon such as Mew and Celebi they cannot be exchanged

Evolution by exchange

In Pokémon Go, all Pokémon can evolve by giving them a certain number of candies of their kind, even those that in Game Freak titles evolve through exchange.

With the addition of this new mechanic, however, some Pokémon, if received through an exchange with another player, they will ask zero candy to evolve, thus saving numerous hours of farming.

However, only a small list of Pokémon can take advantage of this mechanic. They are:

  • Kadabra (evolves into Alakazam)
  • Machoke (evolve in Machamp)
  • Graveler (evolve in Golem)
  • Haunter (evolve in Gengar)
  • Boldore (evolve in Gigalith)
  • Gurdurr (evolve in Conkeldurr)
  • Karrablast (evolve in Escavalier)
  • Shelmet (evolve in Accelgor)

In fact are excluded from the list all Pokémon that also need a specific tool to evolve, such as the Metal Coat for Scyther and Onix.

Karrablast and Shelmet, although in the original games they need to be swapped together to evolve, in Pokémon Go they can be received in exchange for any Pokémon.

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