Pokémon Go: Guide How to Level Up Easy and Fast

Pokémon Go Tricks: Guide how to Level Up - Pokémon Go available for iOS and Android is the game that all Pokemon fans (and not only were waiting for). The mobile game developed by Nintendo allows you to capture Pokemon in reality using maps and augmented reality! Obviously capturing Pokemon and not only your level will increase: the higher your level will be the more you can capture particular Pokemon. Let's see together which tricks to use to level up quickly in the game. Pokemon Go tricks.

Level up in a few minutes on Pokemon Go with this method

In Pokémon Go you'll have your alter ego and start at level 1 but during the adventure you can level up. Here's how.

Capturing Pokémon is the best way to level up in Pokémon Go. Each time you capture a Pokémon, you'll gain experience points that will level up. You'll also gain experience points by capturing Pokémon that you've already captured, even if the points you earn are less. On top of that, to level up Pokémon Go, you can use the Fortunuovo tool, which allows you to earn double experience points for 30 minutes. This way, you can level up more easily and quickly.

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