Pokémon Go : Guide How to Catch Pokémon, Tips and More

Pokémon Go : Guide how to catch Pokémon - Pokémon Go and mobile phone in hand ready to go around town like crazy to find Pokemon and catch them right around you thanks to the new game developed by Nintendo that uses augmented reality and is able to bring Pokemon into your town! Here's the guide, solution and tricks to capture Pokemon in Pokémon Go .

To capture Pokémon within Pokémon Go you'll have to move through the streets and parks around you. When you're in the vicinity of a Pokémon, Pokémon Go will signal you his presence by vibrating your phone and once you make contact, you can catch him.

Thanks to your device's camera, the Pokémon will appear in front of you and you'll need to launch the PokéBall to capture it. You need to dose the force in the throw to avoid making a throw that's too powerful or too weak and you need to hit it with precision. The secret is to cast the PokéBall to capture the Pokémon when a green circle appears around the Pokémon, indicating the right distance and strength. After a few seconds after the launch, it will be captured and added to your collection.

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