Pokémon Go: All Pokémon Stats: Attack, Defense, Stamina

Pokemon Go: All Pokemon Statistics - Pokemon Go is the Niantic application for iOS and Android devices that is rapidly conquering the world. In the game you'll have to move around, armed with no smartphone at all, to capture Pokemon and become the best trainer ever, even facing opposing gyms. Each Pokemon, for the moment there are only those of the first generation, is characterized by particular statistics, a bit like in console games. In this case there are only three values: attack, defense and stamina. The combination of these statistics completes the general profile of the Pokemon. The higher the values, the stronger your Pokemon will be; it is also important to have a Pokemon that has the three values balanced and not disproportionate to attack, defense or stamina. Attack and Defense derive from the values present in the main series games and also include special attack and defense while Stamina comes from PS. Below is the complete table of all Pokemon in Pokemon Go with the complete statistics:

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