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Red Fire Pokémon is a video game for Game Boy Advance released paired with Pokémon LeafGreen for the handheld console in October 2004.

The two games, being part of of the famous Pokémon series, were sold in bundles with the Game Boy Advance Wireless Adapter and are essentially remakes of the Pokémon Red and Blue games. The protagonist of the videogame story is Red, a 10-year-old boy who lives in Pallet Town, a small town in the Kanto region. In the introduction of Pokémon FireRed - I still remember the text messages of us teenagers from the time we were talking about fire red pkmn tricks - we see Professor Oak explain what Pokémon are precisely and provide some useful information to the player.
Il gameplay instead starts from the red room, which was summoned to the Professor's laboratory but who, not finding it, decides to undertake Path 1. Stopped by the scientist, the protagonist goes to the study of the man and here chooses his first companion: Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle. The rival will make his choice based on ours and begin the duel, with Professor Oak always ready to provide valuable advice during the tutorial.


82025840 0001: Master ball.
82025840 0002: Ultra ball.
82025840 0003: Super ball.
82025840 0004: Pokéball.
82025840 0009: Repeat ball.
82025840 000A: Timer ball;
82025840 000B: Luxury ball;
82025840 000C: Premier ball.
82025840 0005: Safari ball.
82025840 0006: Net ball.
82025840 0007: Immersion ball.
82025840 0008: Nido ball.

Maximum health items
82025840 003F: more PS.
82025840 0040: proteins;
82025840 0041: iron.
82025840 0042: fuel.
82025840 0043: calcium.
82025840 0044: special candies.
82025840 0045: AP Plus;
82025840 0046: zinc;
82025840 0047: AP Top.

Pokémon items
82025840 0067: mini mushroom.
82025840 0068: large mushroom.
82025840 006A: pearl.
82025840 006B: large pearl.
82025840 006C: star dust.
82025840 006D: Tr. Start;
82025840 006E: nugget.
82025840 006F heart scale;
82025840 0079: Zigzag letter.
82025840 007A: port postcard;
82025840 007B: glitter postcard;
82025840 007C: magnetic card;
82025840 007D: wooden postcard.
82025840 007E: wave postcard;
82025840 007F: pearl paper;
82025840 0080: excuse card;
82025840 0081: car. tropical;
82025840 0082: dream postcard.
82025840 0083: precious postcard;
82025840 0084: back postcard.

The maximum level of Pokémon
38A014382724: first level maximum pokémon;
3FF453949219: maximum level of the first pokémon;
A019AC6DB640: second pokémon level to the maximum;
3FF453949219: Pokémon second level at maximum;
25345D549618: Pokémon third level to the maximum;
3FF453949219: Pokémon third level at maximum;
AD6DCD41177E: fourth pokémon level to the maximum;
3FF453949219: Pokémon fourth level to the maximum;
BCDD240C0612: fifth pokémon level maximum;
3FF453949219: Pokémon fifth level at the maximum;
3CE494190776: Pokémon sixth maximum level;
3FF453949219: Sixth level maximum Pokémon.

Pokemon Red Fire - GBA

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