Phalanx SNES cheats and codes

Phalanx it's a shoot'em up video game developed by ZOOM Inc. e Kemco in 1991 for Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy Advance and Sharp X68000. First released for Sharp X68000 and only later for SNES, Phalanx hit the headlines for its weird packaging, for that absurd cover that has little or nothing to do with the game.

A bearded man, an elderly man, dressed in pure country style and intent on playing his banjo as a spaceship plies the skies behind him. Those responsible for the box art of the videogame have admitted, in various interviews following the publication of the game, that they chose this cover precisely to differentiate themselves from all the other shooters on the market.
The peculiarity of this game is that you do not die after receiving the first shot, which instead happens in almost all other shoot'em up video games, but it takes 3 before the spaceship explodes.

In the Execute Mission screen, press the R key, then enter “System Configuration”. Hold down R and press B on controller 1 and enter the “System Configuration” option, then press L and R simultaneously on controller 2. Now press A + B + X + Y simultaneously on controller 2 to bring up the level selection.

In the Execute Mission screen, press the R keys, then enter “System Configuration”. Press L and R simultaneously on controller 2 and you'll be able to change the number of credits and lives available when you start the game.

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