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Adam Kadmon, according to the Kabbalah, he is the first man created by God. He is also known as Adam Il'a, Adam Elyon (meaning "the superior man") or as Adam ha Rishon, a name that recalls the tradition according to which he would have enclosed in itself all the souls of men, only to then release them after original sin.

Its first appearance dates back to Shin Megami Tensei NINE (2002), while as for the Persona spin-offs, he makes his first appearance in Persona 5 Royal as the real Persona of Takuto Maruki, awakened after Azathoth united with his treasure.

To defeat it definitively you will have to face it in several stages, but do not worry, below you will find tips, data and strategies to better prepare for the clash.

Adam Kadmon's stats


Battle strategy

In this phase it is essential to focus on Maruki: use Ann's “High Voltage” to power up the spells of Violet and Akechi, equipped with a Rebel Sword or Laevetainn, and combine it with Violet's Persona to cause a lot of damage.

The Joker, on the other hand, can focus on physical abilities thanks to the Yoshitsune Persona with Hassou Tobi. Since this skill consumes a lot of HP, you can use pistols combined with the “One Shot Kill” skill as an alternative to physical attacks.

The last phase is marked by numerous animated interludes. We just remind you that it is not necessary to heal the party every time, as your characters will survive the boss attacks with only one HP (the whole sequence is scripted).

Finally you will find yourself in a tête à tête with Maruki, but you don't need any strategy, you just have to punch Maruki until he is defeated.

Once this is done, a cutscene will be played and you will be catapulted into the true ending of the game. Congratulations, you have completed Persona 5 Royal!

If you still have doubts about the events that characterized the new quarter, we recommend the our special about it.

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